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On a scale of 1 to 10, how would u rate this bluff ?

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  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how would u rate this bluff ?

    Early stages .... everyone on table had over 100BB.

    UTG + 1 open to 3x, I min-3bet from CO. ( not going to disclose my hand , put yourself in the perspective of the bluffer )

    Flop : J 8 7

    He checks, I cbet 1/2 pot. He calls.

    Turn: 7 ( putting out a flush draw )

    He check. I cbet 1/2pot. ( 450 into 900 ) He raises to 1020. I call.

    River: K ( rainbow )

    He jams.


    He had A3s of spades. There was 1 spade on flop.

    On a scale of 1 to 10, what would u give him and how would u do better ?
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    Was turn 7 a spade?


    • CrazyEddie
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      no, he didn't pick up flush draw by the turn ... the 7 on flop was a spade.

      A pure bluff... not semi-bluff

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    Not great. He blocks the obvious draw, and calling that turn raise on a paired board with a straight draw seems unlikely. He doesn't block anything significant so it's basically an air bluff and is OOP so if it doesn't work on the turn he has to barrel or give up. He has a tiny bit of showdown equity if you do have a lower flush draw or something. If he thinks he can get you to fold 8X and maybe JX then it might be ok, I don't know how you've been playing. You've shown a lot of strength this hand though so I'll give it a 2/10. I'd have folded flop.


    • CrazyEddie
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      Think I liked everything except that river barrel ... He probably thought that 7 on the turn unlikely helped me much , there is T9 for a flopped straight and then there is 7x ... but I did 3bet pre... cbet flop and cbet turn .... He thought I might be bet / folding

      had I checked behind that turn ... then pot will be smaller , he could overbet jam river or he could just chk jam that turn ????

      I would have liked those better than barreling river.
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    • reeeeeeper
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      Yeah, I was solely talking about the river barrel.

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    What a Bad bluff not blocking anything , not even unblocking Ace high of villian that is one of his natural folding targets , no real bdd, I give 1 Stars out of 10

    after you Call his turn raise his river bluff is very risky

    9T is in your range As well As a lot of 7 ; jj, 88 also remember you 3 bet him preflop when he raised from utg+1

    if he raised you on Flop with a T or 9 in his Hand and barrels on every street substantially big this would be a good bluff


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      In his mind he is forcing you to call for most if not all of your stack early in a tournament (exact stack sizes not known but you say everyone is at least 100bb+). He is repping JJ 88 9T and 87 and A7 as premium value hands on the turn with his check raise. He could also have QQ, KK, AJ and AA as second string value hands on the turn. All of those hands could legitamately shuv the river and put a ton of pressure on your own preflop premiums let alone your more specualtive part of your preflop 3 betting range.

      You are not revealing your hand but lets face it you are gonna need KK T9 JJ 88 or 7x to feel comfortable calling this shuv. And when he is super strong T9, 88 and 7x are all losing. Calling this river with Jx or even Aces would feel very dicey. In his mind you could easily be calling his Turn XR with 99 TT Jx QQ AA. Difficult to call a river shuv with any of those. But all are hands you could have played this way up to the river so far.

      Given that at this stage of a tourney you really can't make a call with much less than KK T9 JJ 88 7x (unless you also like playing a loose "chip up quick or bust style), this bluff is likely to succeed a lot against the field and he chips up nicely with nothing early doors. It is a risky strategy, but that may just be his thing. He will likely get a ton of folds and chip up and also a few calls when he has the nuts also. Not the way I would play, but it isn't terrible.

      I am guessing you must have had one of those hands that could easily call unless you folded and he showed.

      If this is his style then he is going to need a lot of random bluffs on the river to make it work. But it is a style that can quickly accumalate chips early.

      I rate it 7/10 due to the limited nutted hands that can call and the anguished folds that he gets from pre flop premiums and stong second stringers.
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      • CrazyEddie
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        interesting I had KK .. when I cbet that turn ... probably not folding to turn raise ... and improved on river ... but he was still drawing live on that turn ..... circumstances could easily be different ..