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4bet the 3bettor , 3bettor in position

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  • 4bet the 3bettor , 3bettor in position

    I open 2.5x with 44 ( 65BB ) ... player to my direct left , Lojack ( 59BB ) 3bets to 7.5x ... Stacks behind him : 48, 60, 69, 51, 59.

    he does this quite a bit against me, when in pos ... we have history. In a recent tournament, he 3bet ATo on the button. I made a big hand , he paid me off with 1 pair aces. He is a pretty good player ... he chose to tangle with me ... price is sometimes exit. Guy's a born killer , often 3bets me when I cover him. I don't know if he thinks it is worthwhile ... I welcome the challenge

    He was onto something : I open a lot ... have an inadequate 4bet frequency ( even against him ) .... while almost always flat.

    I flat this time. Flop : A 3 7 ... I chk, he cbet 1/3 pot ... I flat. Turn 8 , I chk, he cbet 1/3 pot , leaving himself less than pot on river. I folded.

    So flatting doesn't work very well against this guy ... Curious of any alternative ( pro active ) lines :

    4bet non all in ?

    I do 4bet against him ...non-zero frequency ... works well.. but I don't do it enough proportion wise
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    if you aren't careful, I guess your 3bet exposes your range ... then you're left playing a bigger pot ... your opponent has an idea of what u don't have .

    if you 3bet wider ... including some bluff 3bets, you might run into bluff 4bets ( or slow plays pre ?) and in the instance of this guy 3betting ATo

    When AKx came on the flop , for some reason , he chose to chk behind. In this particular hand, that flop chk proved to be fatal.

    I made my hand on river , put in a big chk raise ... he kept me honest.