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3 hands from 2/5 NL

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  • 3 hands from 2/5 NL

    I hope its ok to post multiple hands in a single thread

    2/5 NL Encore Boston
    Effective stacks are $675 (opponents have me covered)
    Hero is button w KdJd

    CO ( 35ish guy from India seems to be LAG/calling down light and has dumped 2x buyins $500 ea in last 2 hrs or so, opens and calls big bets preflop very wide )opens to $20
    Hero calls $20 (thinking BB is going to 3 bet wide)
    SB folds
    BB (capable LAG reg who likes to squeeze/3bet) raises $ 60
    CO calls $60
    Hero reraises to $180 (is this a good spot and Hand to 4bet in position?)
    BB,CO both tank and call $180

    Pot is about $540

    Flop 9h9d2s
    BB + CO check
    I push for remaing 495
    BB + CO both quickly fold

    My question is this a -EV play overall? Im not afraid of a 9 but I think im only getting called by AA/KK but thats also the range im repping and I have K blocker. Also have backdoor flush/straight draws

    2/5 NL Encore Boston

    Hero on Button effective stacks are $750 (all players to flop have me covered)

    UTG limps (just got to table about 30 yrs old white guy)
    EP+1 limps ( got to table about 30 mins ago seems tight, 40 yrs old white guy)
    HJ (older player seems capable recently sucked out and won a $2000+ pot w straight flush vs A high flush, been very active) raises $20
    Hero 8s7s on BTn calls $20
    UTG + EP1 call $20

    Pot is about $87

    Flop 9h10s8d
    UTG + EP1 check
    HJ bets $50
    Hero calls $50
    UTG fold
    EP1 calls $50

    Pot $237

    Turn 6h
    EP1 check
    HJ bets $125
    Hero calls $125
    EP1 folds

    Pot $487

    River 3c

    HJ bets $400

    is this an easy fold?

    I tank call $400 and he shows JhQd

    I think now Should have folded flop as im drawing to the bottom end anyway. part of it was I had been very card dead and maybe lost the patients to find a better spot. For whatever reason I am more apt to call big bets as they always seem so bluffy and not "value" sized

    2/5 NL Encore Boston

    Hero on Button effective stacks are $850 (all players to flop have me covered)

    Hero AcQs is UTG

    Hero raises to $20

    EP1 ( nitty 70ish Ive only seen play a few hands in last 3 hrs) calls $20
    EP2 Lag vy capable pro calls $20
    CO ( 35ish guy from India seems to be LAG/calling down light and has dumped several buyins of $400-$600 each, wild fluctuating stack, opens and calls big bets preflop very wide )calls $20

    Pot $87

    Flop Qd4s3h

    Hero bets $35
    everyone calls

    Pot $227

    turn 10s

    Hero bets $60
    EP1 + EP2 call
    CO raises to $250 (pot is now $557)
    Hero ?

    I think its an easy fold w 2 to act behind me

    Hero Folds
    EP1 calls $250
    EP2 folds

    Pot $807

    River Ad

    EP1 All In for $650 and CO instamucks

    If there were no one to act behind me do I call CO $250 turn bet there and likely have to call a huge river bet (even though I made top 2)

    I have watched many JL vids and he stresses that you need to size your bets to keep worse hands in. I think my bets were a bit on the small side?

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    Hand 1: The 4-bet after the flat is strange, trying to represent a slowplayed premium pair? If so, why? You have a very playable hand in the best position, why turn it into a bluff at this point? You're killing your positional value by lowering the SPR. Also, I doubt you have much fold equity there against those players with that sizing. All around I think a call is better. Once you 4-bet pre, jamming is your only play when checked to on that board. You have the range advantage and have to follow through on the hand you're representing, especially given you have less than a pot sized bet left. Nice pickup though.

    Hand 2: You played it fine. You'd have to have some serious read on your opponent to fold there. Yes, the bet is polar, so it's most likely either a nutted hand or a missed draw. You beat some of the nutted hands like sets. You described this player as "very active" so there's no way you can fold here IMO. You should try not to be results oriented.

    Hand 3: Your flop bet sizing is fine, but your turn bet sizing seems too small. The fold to the CO raise seems correct. He's raising when all players are showing some interest, that's not likely to be a bluff. The only thing that suggests it might be is that your sizing is too small and then the other players are passively calling so being LAG he might be trying a creative squeeze. But still, the nitty player hasn't folded so you have to be cautious, and if LAG is making a play, good for him, sometimes you fold the best hand if you're playing well.


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      There is no rule in regards to posting multiple hands, but your responses will be much more detailed if you post them one at a time on a thread. Many posters use charts and range images with their responses and these can become confusing with multiple posts per thread.

      In hand #2 this is a great squeeze spot pre-flop.

      You have 2 EP limps and a smaller sized raise from the big stack who has been active.

      I don't think flatting is a huge error here or anything, but we have a great spot to rake in $30 without seeing a flop. If you are called you can use your position and suited connectors post flop since we have pretty deep stacks. If you are 4-bet you can fold.

      Flatting opens the door for a squeeze from the blinds and also encourages additional players to come along which reduces your chances of winning the pot.

      My range in this spot would look something like this:

      Click image for larger version

Name:	Screen Shot 2019-08-09 at 7.53.03 AM.png
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      Depending on the table dynamics and how often there was 3-betting or how tough the table was, I may remove some of those middling Ax suited hands from my calling range. Generally speaking, the thougher the table, the less calling I like to do. But in this spot we are getting the decent odds to see a flop in position with some speculative hands and the Ax suited's are great for this.

      As for sizing I would go $70-$80 and proceed from there.