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  • Thoughts on this hand?

    This is a hand I played from a 1/3 game where I ran up a stack pretty early and played this really interesting hand. I would like thoughts on if I could've played this hand differently.

    Hand: 5d7d Position: SB Stack:$700

    HJ (Loose Straightforward, $500) Open limps
    CO (Loose Straightforward, $500) Limps
    SB (Hero) Completes
    BB Checks

    Flop $12 : 6x8x9x

    Hero checks the small blind and action checks to the CO who bets $35.
    I call
    BB Folds
    HJ Raises to $135
    CO Calls
    Hero jams for $500
    Both players call

    Turn:7x River:2x

    Hero holds against HJ (86o) and CO (97o)

    I'm not sure my flop choices were great. Would love to hear some thoughts on if I should've raised the $35 initial bet or if my jam was too big.

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    What's not to like?

    I always wrestle with this kind of thing, to raise or not on flopped big hand.? JL's POV is clear on this... you want to keep weaker hands you're way ahead of IN, but make them pay to play if they have draws.

    So, the big question in this scenario is how much you need to be worrying about the turn card weakening your hand strength and preventing you from getting value when you're clearly ahead. The only really bad cards for you are a 7... and maybe, a 6/8/9 to pair the board and maybe a T?... Given that and the lack of flush draws, you have a reasonable expectation that your 2nd nuts are likely to be good, and you're ready to get it all-in, so the question is how to achieve that. (sure, T7 is possible on a limped pot, but I'll take my chances)

    If there were flush draws out there, I think you want to try harder to get the money in now, and raise the $35 immediately; but in this case, you're really not afraid to keep people IN, so calling is fine and implies you have "something", but your calling range is still pretty wide, esp. in a limped pot.

    Once you have the reraise and call and $317 in the pot, now is definitely time to raise for value, and with only $360 effective, there's no other relevant bet than all-in. If you were working with $600+ effective, maybe there's a half-stack bet there first... but not in this case.

    Scary turn, nice river... well done
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    • chadc1231
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      That's mostly the logic I used but I wasn't sure whether that should be a spot I should be raising on the flop when the CO bet $35. It was such a large bet I knew the villain had a pretty decent hand but I wasn't sure if I should be raising. Also by calling I gave the other 2 players in the hand a decent price to continue with one pair hands with a straight draw.

      I feel like I played the hand pretty well but wanted to get others thoughts. I was also kind of shocked of how we got 500 big blinds in 3 ways on the flop in a limped pot lol.

    • BruceO
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      Agree... I would have expected at least one to have trips... but generally, why they warn you "not to go broke in limped pots"! I think the inclination should be to raise the $35 since if there's no raise, there are many turns which can reduce your ability to realize your value. But good cards outnumber bad 2:1 and you don't want to bloat a limped pot until you are sure... i like the call.

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    I don't mind the call, but I think you should think about more than just this street when you do. What's your plan on various turns if you check to your opponent who makes a big bet? Or do you lead out on some? On this 7 turn (or Q, J or T) for example, what would you do? How about a 9, 8, or 6? How about an A or 2? How about if he checks behind and it goes runner runner 3-to-a-flush with a paired board? Also what would you do with other hands in your range on this board? Would you check-raise A7? 87? QT? Then you should probably raise your nuts too. I'm not saying this means you should raise flop when you're almost certain you have the best hand currently, just realize you might get into some tricky situations and you should think about how you're going to navigate them against this particular player before you make your flop play.


    • chadc1231
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      I agree with a lot of what you are saying. This is what I thought about for a while after the hand. I think the thing that froze me up in this hand was the fact that the opponent bet nearly 3x pot. I thought they likely had a strong hand but not a nutted hand.