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nuts and bolts to chip up in a tournament

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  • nuts and bolts to chip up in a tournament

    Hello everyone, this is my first post ever on this forum. I've been in the poker world since 2003 won a lot of money but with bad money management I'm not in the spot I want to be in now. My question is about how to chip up in the early stages of a tournament. I mainly play live these days in my local card house around town. When you don't pickup hands what should I do to accumulate chip in the early stages? I generally play ABC poker in the beginning. I found myself many times close to the money bubble very short 20BB or less. How can I change my game? Bluff more? reshove light from the blinds? Squeeze? Need help.

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    This is no strategy advice but to my experience if you play for money you Really dont care and if you have another thing to do after busting early you are not nearly As often in spots where you are too shortstack for too long of a Time


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      There are proportionately more bad players early in a tournament, so target and exploit them.


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        I guess look for weak spots? Like check-raise flops or 3-betting more?


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          It depends on who's sitting at your table. There's no one size fits all in poker. You can check-raise flops light if you notice someone c-betting 100%, sure. You can 3-bet light if you see someone opening too wide and giving up, sure. But at the core you need to be observant, figure out what the weak players are doing wrong, and exploit that.

          You also have to figure out which players are strong and be careful if they are behind you or already in the pot.

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        If you have problems chiping up in the early stages, I guess you're not a loose player. I run a lot of bluffs against good regs in the early stages ... because they are able to fold.

        My question is how to maintain stack size post money bubble .... certainly not by waiting for hands... Down to 20, 30 players or so .... every pot was 3bet pre ( fiercely contested ) ... I once misclick cold 4bet ... everyone snap folded

        Once you're down to a short stack , having to win with cards is just so stupid ... and so hard


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          As reeeeeeper says, it depends on your table, but I have been having good luck just playing position poker in early stages; raising often myself and only calling limps after I know enough about people behind me to know they aren't likely to squeeze... in early stages, if you can play, you can raise and I think it's profitable AND it sets you up as a perceived better player. If you're not hitting flops or getting folds, you'll know quickly and can tighten up a little without too much damage and w/ perceptions intact


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              depends is like saying nothing ... against jaw dropping bad, have to be tight .... I think in tournament of large field, have to be tight ...

              I know one player who is always top 10 stacks in 10 minutes .... in 30 minutes, he would have made it into top 5 , dropped down to 30 ... and came back to 14th or 15th.

              This guy can make it work.... I tried to do the same... people don't pay me.

              Then you have people ( nit ) .... who bets value , value , value .... somehow somebody always paying them off.... I think this type actually prefers tournaments of large fields ... the tables are always breaking up ....