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  • Tilt!

    So I fired a second bullet in the Big Stax today. I mean I played OK but did make some costly mistakes which leads me to this post.

    I'm on the BB with 28BB in the middle stages. Not ideal. A tough opponent opens middle position Bu just calls. I look down at KTo.
    I almost mucked because I know those 2 are going to apply a lot of pressure. In fact it was rare occasion to have an opportunity
    to see a flop that wasn't 3-bet.

    I think I had to 3-bet and or call more 3-bets those 9 levels than I have the last 10 tournaments I played combined.

    Anyway I decide to take a flop. This isn't a HH so I'm going to leave out most of the details.

    I have KsTc

    Flop 6c8c9d

    MP bets Bu calls

    the freakin dealer pulls the chips in while I'm thinking and starts to peel the turn. I said whoa hold on. MP asked the Bu if he saw the card and he says no, and he didn't bc he was looking at me when I balked at the dealer to put the breaks on. But I have a strong feeling the MP a savvy vet caught a good glimpse. He immediately says that card has to be shuffled back in the deck. Floor comes and that's basically how this has to go.

    I planned on peeling with a gut shot, 2 overs and a BDFD so I call I do go ahead and call.

    Now the dealer exposes the card that should have hit the turn.

    It was the MF'g 7s are you kidding me. The turned ended up being some blank, I think it was a 3h, I was seeing RED.

    MP bets Bu calls and I fold.

    The 7s gets shuffled into the deck and the river brings.....

    You all may find this hard to believe....

    but it was the 7D!!!!!

    MP bet's it was it a bluff. Bu calls with A9 and scoops about a 35BB pot.

    So although I have claimed in the past that I don't go on tilt playing poker I never envisioned anything like this..

    It would have put me right back in the thick of it with a stack I could battle with. I'm still steaming almost 3 hours later.

    Our dealer was way off of his game as this was like 4th mistake he made in 20 minutes. I'll say he is typically a really good dealer.
    There was just to much BS'g at our table which was fun but he was deeply involved in our the convos and wasn't paying attention to detail.

    About an hour prior is the hand that killed me tho, a flopped set OOP on a draw heavy board. Flush got there and I lost about 70BB
    5 handed pre flop HU turn and river. I feel like I played that hand really bad.

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    Brutal man


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      That is a tough one man. I think that I would have gone on tilt too.


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        1) I wouldn't call that flop. I would raise or fold.

        2) To prevent tilt you must always stay "present." What I mean by that is never worry about past action/hands/occurances and don't worry about future. Just focus on the present hand and present situation. You must be diligent in training your mind to forget the past and block out the future while you are playing. This only comes from practice.


        • kkep
          kkep commented
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          In real time I felt like I was suppose to c/r if I wanted to continue but I couldn't pull the trigger. Ultimately my reasoning was if I had the KcTs instead of KsTc I would have c/r. Does that make any sense or is there no difference? I really need to trust myself more as my education progresses.


        • jamtay317
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          kkep Why would it make a difference? You have an OESD? Yes, you have a BDFD too, but I think (and I may be mistaken) what is a more important question here is "What will my opponent do if I check-raise?" If you think that they will fold then you should check-raise, if you think they will call then you should just call.

          Another interesting question is "What is the difference between the Kc and the Tc?" are you worried about AcKc? are you worried about KcQc? I personally am not trying to make a flush here, if the turn is a club then, yes there are other options.

          In my opinion, I don't think there is as much of a different between the Kc and the Tc as there is the Ac and the Tc.

        • kkep
          kkep commented
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          So I had a gut shot straight draw. A big reason for being able to call was the BDFD added to that. That allows me to continue with any club on the turn. Where as if I only had the gut shot I simply fold since if a T hits it might not be any good and a K isn't exactly the nuts either.

          But to answer my own question the difference between KcTs and KsTc is only about a 1% edge but a slightly better edge nonetheless.

          To answer your question, yes I could reasonably expect at least 1 call. I doubt the Bu continued with complete air. Whether or not he folds TPTK or an OESD I have no idea.

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        I would forget about raising ... as short stack, push a lot.

        You have to have it in you... otherwise, they will be onto you like a wounded animal ...

        I still don't know how some are able to do it ... wonder if they have a better short stack game ... maybe perspective ... but it's the kind of move that would make most people uncomfortable
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          • kkep
            kkep commented
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            Brutal! I was tilting but I doubt anyone knew, they may have thought so but I certainly didn't change the way I played moving forward.
            It was more a matter of getting that out of my head so I could focus more.

            That tends to be the case when I'm in a hand but not so much while I'm sitting idly by.

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          3bet or fold pre flop. But mostly fold. You say you are in a tough game. You really want to call out of position pre flop v 2 decent opponents in a tough game? with KTo

          Also, the 7 (that coulda woulda shoulda) on the turn only hurts because you know neither of the others had JT. If they had the dealer just saved you going broke. Keep things in perspective. See what happened as a lesson to learn from the entire hand, and not a tilt inducing dealer made bad beat.