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I almost never can fold 22-55 utg More than 20 bb

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  • I almost never can fold 22-55 utg More than 20 bb

    9 handed the ftt Open raising charts say you can Open utg 66+ etc, utg+1 also , utg+2 55+ etc , lojack 44+

    but I am almost Open any Pocket pair from any Position with More than 20 BB

    I have learned from JL in a very Tough table ypu should release the small Pockets preflop and I dont play them only on tough online tables

    But for some reason I cannot fold them otherwise, i have so many good experiences with flopping Sets and Stacking People

    How about you ? Are you More disciplined?

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      Small pairs are profitable in weak games, but in tougher games good players are more likely to 3-bet you, plus they are less likely to stack off with a one pair hand. It's also harder to build a pot top.

      The other problem with small pairs is the reverse implied odds of set over set, a disaster when 100bb deep.


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        This is my comment as well.

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