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3betting jamming vs old man

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  • 3betting jamming vs old man

    Yesterday I had on a local Live mtt a Situation were I was in Final table 8/27 remaining , 4 get paid , i was place 6 at the Moment Chips wise

    i had 16,5 BB and was on BB seat , i got dealt 88

    an older man 70+ raised from button , he is a regular and he doesnt play laggy nor very tight , i think with middle strength Hands he mixes it up , sometimes limping , sometimes raising, he really doesnt care... with very strong Hands he always raises . He is very experienced As he is there every Night playing every 50 Euro mtt he can , i think he is a Losing player from what I have SEEN so far (was there 9 times or so and his skills are not respected Referring to table Talk)

    however he raised to 2.5 x and I Made the no brainer online allin move

    he covered me

    he had AQs flopping a straight, turn river no help for me

    Change strategy live ?


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    If you think he's more weighted towards strong hands here, I don't hate just flatting and trying to flop your set. BB vs BU this is usually a no brainer shove spot but against a 70 year old man who you think limps some of his weaker hands, it's definitely not an auto shove.


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        Stereotypes exist for a reason, and older gentlemen generally tend to be a lot tighter.

        You know at the very least when he raises he has either a medium strength or a high strength hand. The fact that he sometimes limps his medium hands mean we can eliminate a percentage of these from his range (the exact ones don't really matter) and this strengthens his range in this situation.


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          yup... I saw many cases (and take advantage) of cases where people make wrong assumptions about "the older guy" ... allows me to pick up dead money quite often. Can't do it so much in my regular cash games at home, since they know me.