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  • Imagine what I did

    Yesterday I played a local Live mtt,

    15k Chips

    2nd Level 50/100 no ante somebody limped

    I wanted to raise to 400 with As Ks

    by accident I put in 4000

    a newbie raised to 8000

    another player (the limper) went allin

    i felt comitted and went allin too

    the 3 bettor went allin

    3 bettor 99
    another player A8o

    Board 935AT

    thoughts ?

    would you fold after putting in already 4000 ?

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    Against two, what should be, strong ranges, AK is a fold. The problem is that one of your opponents is likely to have one (or two) of your outs. Due to your error with your chips you may be getting something close to pot odds, but I still prefer a fold, especially if your opponents are this bad.

    Get the guy limp/shoving for 150bb with A8o and no fold equity!!


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      The limper shoving his A8o over your misclick is my new hero.

      I think it's fine to call off here off you accidentally put that much of your stack in.