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Allin 3Bet on River Vs Poor LAG last night

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  • Allin 3Bet on River Vs Poor LAG last night

    I want to start this off by saying there was a conflict before this hand started, which does play into this hand. It began after the cards were dealt the BTN decided to straddle to $10 which I spoke up and said "He can't do that" the all the cards have been dealt. Anyways the dealer allowed it. He shouldn't, but that is another story in its self. So the SB and the BB both called and it folded around to me in the HJ. I had Ad6d I decided to make the call. The CO folds and the BTN checks.

    so there is $40 in the pot in a 1/3 game. The effective stacks are $280.
    When the BTN checks back preflop I removed all premium hands from his range TT+, and broadway cards from his hand as I am sure he would raise these.

    A little bit about the BTN I have played with him a lot I know that he is capable of barreling 3 streets with 83o I have seen it. which in this hand is relevant.

    The Flop comes 2c3h2d
    checks to the BTN who bets $20, folds to me, where I have 2 overs and a backdoor flush/straight draw. I call. now there is $80 in the pot.
    I am not really sure what to remove from his range here as I think that he could be just trying to buy the pot.

    The turn comes and its the Ah
    I check, BTN checks back. So at this point, I remove the straight cards list 45 and all Ax hands from his range as I would expect him to bet these. I think that he could have lots of PP 44-99. I don't think he ever has 22 and 33 as he would bet 3 streets big with those. I think that he could have some junk that has some equity like, 4x,5x.

    Now the river is 5s:
    I lead 50 trying to get value from the middle pps. I personally think this should be smaller maybe $25. Now he shoves.

    What do you do?
    call or fold?

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    I feel like when we cold call with a hand like that we need to smash the flop or fold.
    We're basically hoping to hit a flush as our A will often be out kicked too.

    I don't think we should be peeling with only BD draws.


    • jamtay317
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      thank you, so you think that we should just check fold the flop?

    • kkep
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      I do.

      As I see some others mention I think it's best to fold or raise there pre-flop.

      With a LAG we can often expect them to raise so I prefer a fold pre-flop
      since we can't or shouldn't continue with that hand. .

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    I agree w/ kkep, to start with... on that flop, yes, you technically have two overs and backdoor diamonds... but neither of your overs are going to give you a hand that you are confident is ahead... at best you get a marginal made hand, as this question demonstrates, so why put yourself in a tough spot?

    And, yes, with $80 in the pot, a 'value' bet for his likely best holding of middle pps would be more like $25-$30... and such bet is much less likely to get shoved over... (just re-raised for value)

    So, here you are... BTN's range in a game like this is super wide... virtually any 2 cards... and he stabbed at the pot when checked around to him, which doesn't really change that and the check/check turn confirms it. While I agree w/ your basic read on his range as middle pps... that range definitely includes 44, 55 and his range also includes the occasional hand like 43-suited... all of which play this way (bet, check, push)

    Meanwhile, You've check-called, check-check and then bet the river large-ish, so your hand is leaning towards a bluff-stab or a marginal made hand, neither of which can stand pressure... so, maybe he's better than you think. Here's where your history w/ him and also his history with you come in... you're calling him a Poor LAG... so if you're right, that leans him a little bit towards it being a steal and a call. But I'm not calling here unless I know this person very well... he caught it on the river.
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      When the Villain puts in a BTN straddle, you are effectively playing 30BB deep, instead of 100BB, so I'd be wary about entering the pot without a raise with A6s, especially as it sounds like he's a maniac.

      Normally a 322r flop would favor the pf raiser, but as no-one raised, it is actually the BTN who is most likely to be holding a 2.

      On the turn I would bet the Ace.

      On the river I would fold, as he could easily have a 2, or 4X that got there.


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          Fold Pre or OTF, versus an unlimited range it's impossible to have a lot of confidence in single pair no kicker. Once you Crack the guys code, there is a method to the madness (get a read) then we can start to bluff catch.


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            why lead the river , you could check call the river if his bet sizing is not huge since you think he is capable of bluffing give him a chance to call. now river you bet , you didnt mention is he capable bluff raise in this spot. and preflop i would fold .end of story


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              I would Consider folding Flop As you cannot drawing to nearly the nuts but it is close

              turn default Check

              river leading is bad, Check call is the play if the bet is not that big

              As played on river easy fold to me (Population tendencies say you are behind 90%) even if he is aggressive , those players also have nut Hands sometimes, and he can easily have a nut Hand