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Looks like they're about to Kiss ...

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  • Looks like they're about to Kiss ...

    Am I the only one made uncomfortable ?? I'd probably laugh ...

    Overbet seems the way to go ... especially against people who pot control or math calls .

    Last edited by CrazyEddie; 07-16-2019, 04:11 AM.

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    Judging by Twitter no you're not the only one but I thought it was great. It's what I've come to expect from the WSOP ME lol.
    Dario and Gates have a prop bet. If one knocks out the other the winner inherits the losers rail.
    I love that too


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      what happened to Nov 9 ? they don't get 6 months preparation anymore ?


      • kkep
        kkep commented
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        They stopped that a few years ago.

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      CrazyEddie you might use the wrong word , overbet is a very good move that not alot of player understand .

      why player pot control, when player pot control most of the time they have a cap and condense range , overbet value and bluff work best againist cap condense range


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        I like his 1.5 pot shove there. I didn't see the rest of the hand at all, but the size of the bet makes him look bluff heavy.

        Plus, when you are that short, I never had a problem with a 1.5x pot shove.

        And I thought I was intense when staring players down, but this takes it to another level.


        • Joseph
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          Do you agree that they nearly always have it when they overbet the pot ?

        • Paul Khoo
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          Joseph if you think villain always have it then you always fold your bluffcatcher , so in theory there is no such spot villain always have it , but in practical not all player play balance , human are value heavy or bluff heavy in certain spot. no one can certain everyone play the same that's the fun part of poker