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Live Coverage of the ME

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  • BruceO
    Yeah, you have to record the event and set if for a couple of extra hours... but last night, they just didn't plan for it; i missed the end of Night 1 Final Table as well.

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  • kkep
    commented on 's reply
    Apparently they are scheduled for 2 hours but they run it into the later scheduled shows. So I need to set those to record too. Dumb

  • reeeeeeper
    I watched it all (well, had it on in the background) on ESPN2 mobile.

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  • kkep
    started a topic Live Coverage of the ME

    Live Coverage of the ME

    Does anyone know what happened to the coverage last night? I noticed PG and ESPN were both scheduled at 10PM est.
    I wrote to PG to ask what that was about but they never replied to me. I had ESPN on and was recording it but I feel asleep
    about 1130.

    When I woke up this morning there was only about 30 minutes of coverage remaining. I read PG isn't going to run the
    FT replays for 30 days, WTH. Sure enough nothing on PG this morning for last nights replay.

    I've dedicated over 100 hours and paid for 2 services so I could follow all of the action and when it gets down to crunch time
    I only get 2 freakin hours of coverage? I applaud their attempt to cover all of the events but honestly the entire production has
    been a shit show.

    Much of the ESPN coverage followed live sporting events that ran late, really late so the poker coverage was truncated. CBS
    All Access did a poor job providing the schedules for their events. Plus WSOP was forced to tinker with the schedule due to
    some massive fields.

    It was next to impossible to find up to date accurate scheduling online.

    Am I the only person that has had all of these issues?