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Minraise value to bluff ratio

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  • Minraise value to bluff ratio

    When I have 16-22 BB and want to have a minraising range to raise - call off on the one side and to raise fold on the other side how should be the Ratio ?

    2:1 raise fold vs raise call off
    1:1 ?
    1: 2 raise call off vs raise fold

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    At 20BB I'm using standard position raises and min-raising everything, no open jams. So bluff:value is about 1.5:1 and what to call off with depends on which position jammed on me. So like, if I min-raise LJ and HJ jams, I'm folding at least 30% of the time probably, but if BB jams I'm folding half that.

    EDIT: this may not have made sense, since if I'm saying to call with 70% that would include calling with bluffs at 3:2 bluff:value, but I actually meant bluffremium as if I would 4-bet with, then there's the stuff in between that would be calls if the stacks were larger. So it's more like 4:1 value:bluff. I'm value heavy here because I've experienced getting jammed on a lot at this stack size when min raising.
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      4:1 value to bluff is a lot, other suggestions ?, which value to bluff ratio do other forum mtt players have? Or do other players just Open jam up to 20 BB ,? or just playing raise-call-off-feelbased?


      • reeeeeeper
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        It's probably due to the buyin levels I play. As long as I have some bluffs in my range I'll get a lot of wide jams at this stack depth. So there's no incentive to put a lot of bluffs in my range, it benefits me more to be value heavy and snap them off.

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      I generally don't have a pre-flop bluffing range from most positions with 25BB or less.
      If I have a couple of weak players to my left I may open bluff from the Bu or SB. But
      if I can expect either player to defend well from the blinds I won't open bluff that short
      at all.

      Is that a hole in my game?


      • Guido
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        I think yes a lot of strong players have a balanced minraise strategy

        Because a lot of good things can happen
        You can Steal the blinds immediately which is fine

        You can have flat callers which is ok , play your range, be careful with multiple Opponents, be careful oop even vs 1 Opponent,bet usually 1/3 potsize if you want to bet

        If you get raised which does not happen
        Nearly As often as you would think proceed with your value range and lay down your bluff range

        This is more profitably than folding all your not Premium range