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Do I want hi him to call or fold?General question

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  • Do I want hi him to call or fold?General question

    Say I have JdJc



    i range him having lots of Q And K

    Do I want to cbet to built a pot in case I Hit or to bluff if another spades comes

    or do I want to keep the pot small Because he will call to any reasonable flop and turn bet often and I am behind at the Moment ?

    i think in theory you want to Check most of your marginal made Hands and if you also have a draw the marginal Made factors matters More, right ?

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    I might play it on the aggressive side if I had the Js.
    Assuming we have position and it's checked to us I probably check behind on the flop and see what the turn brings.


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      So, two different questions here... and position definitely matters.

      Do I C-Bet / Do I want a Call?

      In-Position -- Yes to both... you raised PRE, this flop does hit your range, so you're unlikely to be raised off the hand (unless he has the nuts) and you're not getting paid for hitting this unless you help get the money in; C-Bet, and then check the turn for cheap river card.

      Out-of-position -- Maybe No to Both -- I think you're flipping a coin on continuation bet... as as kkep says, the Js matters... but checking and then check-calling a reasonable bet still works since this flop hits your range and you can be trapping here... villain isn't likely to barrel flop and turn without strong hand, so it's an easy fold.