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Fun thought during crazy bad beat/trap run last night

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  • Fun thought during crazy bad beat/trap run last night


    Had a fun thought as I was in the middle of a crazy bad beat/trap run last night...

    Been thinking a lot about variance since reading Jared Tendler's The Mental Game...then this bad beat trap run started, and I thought to myself..."dam, I'm making some good deposits into my bad beat and trapped hands bank account...and better getting those deposits in while they are cheap! (since im playing low stakes )"

    Then instead of getting tilted, I started rooting for the bad beats so I can make more deposits in my Bad beat bank account!

    Because variance is variance right, and luck is luck?

    Might as well let my downside variance play out on the cheap, build my game, deposit those bad beats in my bank account so I can spend them on bigger tournaments in the future!

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    Haha that would be nice if that was how it actually worked... Sadly if you lose 10 flips in a row, you still only have a 50% chance of winning the 11th.

    Regarding The Mental Game though, I think I've sung it's praises on here before. Really helped me identify confidence tilt, at both ends of the spectrum, as something that was causing me major issues but without ever having really identified it. Always inject logic.


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      The Mental Game was super helpful! I have it on audible (it's one of the free ones you can get too when you sign up thru amazon prime)...

      As for the bad beat bank... true odds are odds...but it helps me avoid the fear/curse tilts, a little rabbit's foot my intermediate rec brain needs right now lol

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      Yeah I actually have it on audible.

      I believe I used my free credit on an old book called Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker: Vol 1 by some unknown guy called Jonathan Little. It eventually led me to this very site/forum so good use of a free credit.