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Two hands for review

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  • Two hands for review

    $400 Aria MTT
    UTG +1 opens to 2400 (about 8BB Stack )
    UTG +2 3bets to 6500 (big stack, 80BB)
    I am in SB with QQ and 40 BB
    I elected to shove as I didn’t think I could make a normal 4 bet and fold
    UTG +1 folded, UTG +2 called with AKo and hit ace

    Hand #2
    Main Event, day 1, level 3
    Everyone very deep
    I have Very good LAG on my right playing about 30% of pots and has big stack already
    He raises UTG to 2.2BB
    I call with AQo
    Flop QJ4 rainbow
    He bets 3BB, I call
    Turn Q
    He checks, I check
    River 10, ugh
    He bets 7 BB, I call, he has AK

    Appreciate any feedback
    This was my first Main. Playing so deep with 2 hr levels makes decision making much more complex!

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    Hand 1 seems fine. You had less than 10x the size of the 3bet so getting it in is okay by me.

    Hand 2. At the end of it all you were lucky not to lose a bigger pot than you did - although I'm curious why you checked behind on the turn?


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      Typically in position I think we have to 3-bet LAGS with a hand like AQ, With the lead, bet flop, bet turn probably wins that hand too.
      Are you still in the ME?


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        Hand 2. I would always bet the turn. There are several worse hands that can call and you want to charge the draws.

        I'm guessing the reason you checked was to give the LAG the chance to bluff the river, or to give him a chance to catch up. The trouble is you can't be sure he hasn't given up already, and if he improves on the river it's either to a hand that still loses to a Q, or he improves to a better hand, as happened here.

        Hand 1. I would tap the table and say "Nice hand".


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          Not in Main anymore . Went to day 2c with 7500. Sat down in BB. Had to fold BB and SB. Third hand it folds to me on button with QQ. Easy jam. SB not at table yet. BB has AA


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            Editing a comment
            Results aside was it an enjoyable experience?