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  • Multi day flights

    Bob posted a similar topic recently

    On my last Live multi day mtt they offered you can play multiply flights day 1a , day 1b, day 1c and day 1d, and then Go to day 2 only with your highest chipcount

    you must not Count them together

    and you cannot "cashout" the other flights

    i thought ok i only have 12 BB earned on my first attempt day 1c) for day 2 but this is something

    i didnt want to Go exhausted in day 2 as day 1d was a turbo which took place at the same day

    How do pros Navigate here? Would they try to earn More Chips on day 1d in order to get the best Chance to earn 1st place (36k Euro + Main Event Ticket 10.700 Euro worth)?

    how would you decide ?, buyin was 220 Euro