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  • My bustout Hand

    Nice 3 day tourney , 1st place 36k + 10.700 Main Event Package

    2nd place also Ticket and price roughly 20k

    7 handed , Format BB ante

    I started das 2 with 12 bb

    then after 2 Hands I had to pay 1 BB and 1 BB ante so I am down to 10 bb

    then I had to pay sb, down to 9,5 BB

    then everybody folded to me in the button I had k6s I knew it was a profitable to push but the BB was the overwhelming chipleader and I got the vibe he will call me off light, sb was unknown older guy also short stack , however unfortunately i folded as the sb did

    then 1 Orbit card Dead, down to 7 bb

    As it is BB ante i became More and More desperated

    then in utg+1 =lojack 7 handed I got K9o

    i knew that it was a minus ev push but I was that desperated (I thought all the Time after paying the next blinds I will be down to 4,5 bb) I pushed, sb called with KK , i am out

    afterwards i wish I had pushed K6s

    I Made big assumptions ABOUT the unknown chipleader who will certainly call me when I had k6s but this is just guessing , i should have closed my eyes and pushed


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    Was there anything specific about the chipleader's behaviour that led you to the conclusion that he would call down particularly wide? Or is it just what you would do in that situation?

    With an M of 4 I think I get it in here, even if he is calling down light.


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      I'm jamming it in 100%


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        Never ever folding K6s on the button. The BB is supposed to call 37% of the time to that shove:

        63% * 2.5bbs + 37%[(20.5bbs * 43%) - 9.5bbs] = 1.4BBs profit

        If he calls 50% of the time instead (you said you didn't shove because he calls too often):

        50% * 2.5bbs + 50%[(20.5bbs * 48%) - 9.5bbs] = 1.47

        His calling more, with weaker hands increases your equity. Yes you lose fold equity, but your call equity increases.

        If you want to adjust your shoves, due to players calling too often, cut off the bottom of the range, not the middle. Cut out Q - junk hands, the small suited connectors, not the Kx hands.

        Whenever a hand is better than most of the bottom half of the call range, increasing the range will only make that hand stronger as any hand he adds will be a worse hand than your hand.


        • Guido
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          Oh man I had no experience with the chipleader i just assumed he will probably call Because he has so many Chips and then I am probably out and say to myself was clear he calls and I am out, with 9,5 bb I was hoping for a better Spot

        • jjpregler
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          This is a fear of busting instead of thought out equity decision. If you play MTTs you will bust. Get used to that. Don't be afraid of that. Fear of busting out just ensures that you will bust out later. You are not improving your situation, just delaying the inevitable.

          If instead you get it in and double up, that is giving you opportunity to to improve your situation.

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        Additionally, how did you get this vibe? It is only the 4th hand of the day. Just because he has a big stack does not necessarily mean he is looking to punt those chips off. Big stack poker does not mean calling down lightly. He may try to push the table around, but once you make him play showdown poker, he has to make intelligent decisions based on his hand strength.


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          K6s is an easy shove, even if the BB will call down lightly. There are no hands that he can have that are ahead of you that aren't a call anyway,

          If you had a hand like 76s, and felt the BB would call off with a hand like Q5o, then maybe you could justify the fold, (Actually, I'd still shove that too!)


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            Thx all I swear i will never make such a mistake again, dont wanna be a coward, the worst thing is I Knew in Game folding is a mistake but I folded anyway hoping for a better Spot but you cannot hope for it


            • BruceO
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