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Tanking forever 3 rd pair

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  • Tanking forever 3 rd pair

    On my recent Live journey there was a guy that came new to the table

    He was not a nice guy for sure , he demanded everybody should turn their chairs so that he has enough place to offer for the massage Lady

    in Game he did a lot of dirty Talk and commentated everything , everybody was like stupid , everybody plays too much pokerstars, how can sb Open push utg 8 handed 16 BB with AJo , how could People have a limping strategy and so on

    anyway when he was on toilet people began to bitch about him

    On cutoff he raised to 3x with 80 bb effectively after he appeared aggressively (actually he didnt play a lot of hands but due to his behaviour he appeared aggressively)

    I was sb and folded as the button did before

    however BB called

    Flop k 7 k Rainbow

    cutoff bets 65% potsize

    BB calls

    turn A

    cutoff bets 110 % potsize

    BB calls quickly

    river blank

    cutoff bets 150 % potsize

    BB tanks forever and finally folded 88 after 6 Minutes tanking As he told me during break

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    What was the river?


    • Guido
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      Blank 2, 3 or so

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    My thoughts? Next time that guy goes in the tank he gets 1 minute before I call the floor lol