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  • Incredible Hero call

    On my recent Live mtt journey i have seen an incredible call end of day 1 (last 4 hands) not itm

    online if a line of sb makes no sense to me at all i am calling down light even big bets but here i would probably fold

    from my Memory

    2 big stack confrontation 65 BB effectively

    button Opens 2.5 , bb flats

    Board 4 T 5 Rainbow

    cbet 50 % button and a Call

    turn J (4th rainbow)

    BB Checks, button bets 66% potsize

    BB reraises 3.5 x

    button tanks credibly and finally calls after a little eternity

    river blank

    BB goes allin

    button tanks forever but finally calls

    with 77

    And BB showed 89o

    thoughts ?

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    Obviously in this instance it was a crazy good call, but this just seems suicidal to me. There must've been a good amount of live tells on display here.

    I would be folding here for sure (although I highly doubt I would bet here again on the turn - it seems better to me to pot control and give my opponent the chance to bluff on the river).


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      They probably have a lot of history.


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      That might be next level thinking?

      What is the BB per- flop calling range? What is the BB check raising that he peeled with on the flop?
      Is he doing that with sets? Maybe but he want to do that on the flop? He's never c/r a T but maybe a J,
      TJ is well within his range but why c/r?

      Some players might c/r QQ+ there but I think that would be a mistake as the Bu can have all of the sets,
      TJ and some over pairs. Not to mention QQ+ probably isn't in the BB cold calling range pre.

      So that leaves the BB with exactly Jx and busted draws , 23s,36s,67,89 QK

      I'd like to know what the river was, obviously not 8 or 9 but if the Bu was thinking along those lines he
      probably has to give up to a Q, K and maybe 2,3,6, a 7 would have been especially bad.
      So the blanks are 4,5,T,J,A,


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        Thx river was not an A , thats sure ,the river did Not Complete anything , i think it was a 4 or 5 , no high card I say for sure,

        You cannot Stop thinking about this Spot

        what I did Not tell you so far, the BB was chatting all the Time, he wanted to be funny ,and some People were annoyed by hin, some enjoyed

        after the turn he closed his eyes , pulled his head at the table , finally saw the river and said yes yes yes and put his arms to the Sky and announced allin (honestly!)

        so he acted very polarized

        The button seemed competent and couldnt believe he is in such an odd Spot,

        really he tanked for forever


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