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    Hi All,

    This site is awesome, both the coaches and the players have posted some great stuff here and in the homework forum.

    This is my very first post on this forum.

    The online poker site, Bovada, has a very unique environment - everyone is anonymous. Specifically, on their Zone poker tables (Bovada's version of zoom poker), one has essentially no information on any of the other players. As such, I am wondering how important it is to balance one's ranges in zone poker since each hand is virtually independent of any other. For example, if someone open raises from the button and I am the big blind, can I get away with never raising there as a bluff? Is it possible that the best way to play in this particular environment is to simply bet and raise for value? Obviously one cannot play too tight because, at a minimum, one has to steal their fair share of blinds in order to not ante themselves to death. Also, in order to play GTO and to continuously put one's opponent's in a bad spot where no matter what the opponent does, they lose in the long run, then one would need to have at least somewhat of a balanced range I would think.

    All thoughts and comments are welcome.

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    Here I think Balance and gto goes out the Window completely .

    you Balance in other games to get paid out when you have a monster

    to be unpredictable / polarized

    i cannot See this is necessary at anonymus Zone poker

    i would only go for value and do the Cheap bluffs (cbet small for instance )