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Hotel and flight booking multi day mtt Events

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  • Hotel and flight booking multi day mtt Events

    When you play a tournament that goes over several days (say day 1-3) do you book accomondation and flight beforehand completely?

    I had this 2 times now where I booked everything as if I reach final day but where I busted day 2

    I then left earlier and had to pay a cancellation fee for the old bus/Train (would also be the case for a flight,) and book a new one which is often More costly

    if you cancel the hotel abortively you wont get any Money back

    the logic is as I dont play cg yet it is a waste of Time staying there (unless it is an amazing International city) so i can play mtt online on my Desktop pc or on my local Casino

    the advantage booking in Advance is the lower price for the bus/Train/flight and the accomodation and the securness (if you book from day to day it could be costly and during a several day mtt you dont want to spend your spare Time with moving to another accomondation if it is fully booked

    Disadvantage when leaving abortively is cancellation fee , booking new is often more expensive,

    but otherwise you could perhaps save money if you book from day to day and so on

    thoughts ?

    I Guess it all depends
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    Typically, I think most players have a back-up plan for playing further days if they bust early. For example if players fly to AC to play the Winter Open, but bust out early, they would use the extra day or two to play cash or another event in town.

    That extra money you are giving back on cancellation fees, you can use to play another event or find a cash game. Invest the money instead of paying more trip rake.