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How to get game back in line after bad run?

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  • How to get game back in line after bad run?

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    Move down in stakes or take some time off the game...


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      My advice Go to 1/2 and play a lot, volume Kills variance

      Trust in your understanding of Hand values

      when you think like u think at the Moment and a little later the turnaround will come (you will Reach a point where you cannot imagine 2 win anymore at all)

      the turnaround will cause a rush and usually then you will experience an upswing which goes over a lot faster than every downswing

      i had a Time where it seemed like i always run into a better set and lose every Flip with Ak

      remember Volume Kills variance


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        I'm in that mode, recently w/ A K, K5, straights, draws etc, thanks to Guido i'm practicing his advise w/AK etc and gaining my mindset back, i'm winning with the way he suggested and I will start practicing this advice also. lalaeeeeeeeee Guido