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Giving away chips

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  • Guido
    started a topic Giving away chips

    Giving away chips

    Yesterday i played a live day 1. An Opponent from my table lost a Big Flip on blind Level 5000-10000 - BB ante 10000

    he had 4000 Chips left and Went (tilt)

    the 4000 Chips were still there, ok it is not even a small blind but it is something and even a comeback run is possible

    I would never do this . You ?

    side Note going into day2 with only 12 BB (considering the new blinds)
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  • kkep
    I get pissy sometimes but I'm over it within a couple minutes tops.

    On rare occasions I need to get up and go for a walk. In fact that only happened once.
    I think I shared here. I forget all the details now but a guy called my 3-bet pre and then
    called me down all 3 streets hitting his set on the river with 44.

    After the hand he said he played it because he was at table 44 in seat 4 holding 44. I lost
    a shit ton of chips that hand. I walked away for about 30 seconds and was fine after the
    next hand.

    Can't do a dam thing about it so we gotta move on...

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  • reeeeeeper
    Some people are on life tilt. I see this in casinos more often than I'd like to. The lower buyins you play the more likely you are to see this. Probably the biggest incentive to move up in stakes.

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  • BruceO
    I don’t believe either of you!

    Avoiding tilting is something I work at... I Used to have a significant cash game leak... if I lost a big pot on a bad beat or to a shitty hand, I would try to “get it back” quickly... After I recognized and fixed it, a buddy commented that he often called me with junky hands just so he could show me the win and get me to tilt! I fixed it by going deliberately tight after a big loss... and got back at my friend by betting as if I was tilting when I had big hands

    We all tilt tilt in some manner... just something to try to recognize and work on

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  • Spam Musubi
    wow...I wonder if he had a case of the phil hellmuth tilts? or fear tilts? 😂

    I've come back from similar and would NEVER do that

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