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Bet or check turn with pair and flush draw?

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  • Bet or check turn with pair and flush draw?

    Pokerstars $33 Bounty Builder. Blinds 80/160

    Stack 2894 with minimum bounty
    P CO
    H Kd 10d

    Folds to Hero who raises to 353
    SB calls from 13k stack

    Flop ( 1082} Ad Kh 2d
    sb checks
    H bets 800
    sb calls

    Turn {2682} Ad Kh 2d 6c
    sb checks
    Hero bets 1741 all in
    sb calls

    I got really confused as to what I should do on the turn. Also what do you think of my flop bet?

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    I usually play marginal+draw as marginal. Here I think you want to get to showdown without putting your stack in if possible unless a diamond hits. If he has AX and some KX he's ahead until then. If he doesn't, you're way ahead.and he doesn't have many outs to catch up especially since you have the flush draw, so why not let him try to bluff at it? Basically, your hand is worth at most 2 streets of value until you hit your flush. So I either would have checked flop or turn.


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        I think the problem here started when you bet the flop.

        You bet roughly ~3/4 pot on a flop with an A and a K whilst you also have the nut flush draw (so therefore your opponent cannot have the nut flush draw and a much smaller chance of a flush draw at all). This is going to fold out almost everything you are ahead of. At this point you've only got a marginal hand but there is still showdown value in it - in these situations you should be looking to get to showdown as cheaply as possible in my opinion.

        Now on the turn when you ship it in you've only got 2nd pair with a mediocre kicker and a 18% chance (at best) of hitting a flush. Remember that having bet the flop relatively large you've left your opponent with only a strong range and you're likely to get called here and be in very bad shape.

        If you check the flop you keep your opponent in with a much wider (weaker) range and would be in better shape.

        As played though, just check the turn and take the river card.


        • Joseph
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          Thanks guys, yes London, I agree with what you say. Villain tank called me with KQ and I didn't improve on the river.