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Was this a bad play? or a good play that got cooler'd?

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  • Was this a bad play? or a good play that got cooler'd?


    Had a really bad day today and FINALLY had a hand that could of got it all back in one pot. Unfortunately it didn't end so well....

    .05/.10 NL 6 seated

    we all have about $10 stacks (+- $2)

    hero: SB [10c 10d]
    villain 1: UTG
    villain 2: HJ

    UTG raises .24

    HJ calls .24

    Hero SB raises .93 (took note that UTG made this SB bluff two hands ago)

    Both call

    Flop [Ah 10h 6s]

    Hero SB: CHECKS

    UTG: checks

    HJ : raises to 2.00

    Hero SB: Raises to 4.00

    UTG + HJ: both call

    TURN: [2c]


    UTG + HJ: both end up going all in on each other (they had bigger stacks)

    UTG shows AJo

    HJ shows Kh 8h

    RIVER: [3h]

    There was a good $30 in the pot, I was down about $25 for the day after a good long stint dealing with miss flops and the usual tilt food.... I got everyone in with everything with % 84 to %15

    I think I did good and I should feel good about this play even though it basically ended what was already a bad day even worse!

    I dont know though, did I make a mistake letting the flush come?

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    To my mind you Made several mistakes

    dont feel offended when I list them as 1 guy here did recently I am just trying to be helpful

    mistake 1

    3 betting Too small oop vs 2 Opponents
    i would 3 bet to 114

    mistake 2

    Checking a monster after 3 betting preflop

    you cannot rely on having the possibility to Check raise

    just bet 75% potsize (Wet board)

    mistake 3

    Check raising only 2.0 x

    you Need to Check raise bigger oop, this tiny Check raise is an Invitation to call and to outdraw you

    you can raise up to 8.50 oop vs 2
    This would mean Going allin on turn

    you dont Need to play 3 streets if you only have Chips for 2 streets As the Hand played out

    so perhaps you would have gotten 1 or 2 folds

    the Rest is closing eyes and hoping the cards are in your favour


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      Thank you Guido for the response!

      Follow up question: On my mistake #2. If I had 100% known that either UTG or HJ was going to raise the flop, would checking as a lead not have been a mistake?

      I say that bc the hands I had these 2 on were dead on from the my main goal was to get all their money in by the river knowing the flush draw would bait in the flush guy and the aces the guy holding A high, also they were battling each other, i just had to throw some gas on the fire to get everyone all in.

      So in essence everything i was doing was to invite calling and shoving on me, which went perfectly.....but you're saying that may not have been the best play even tho I had 85% vs %15 to win it all?

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      I agree with Guido about everything, including that leading out on #2 is better, but going for the check-raise I wouldn't exactly call a mistake. Going for a check-raise is a possible play 3-way, but you should know that the players in the pot are aggressive and likely to take a stab. Checking there can look like either an attempted squeeze that you're giving up on or a pocket pair that can't believe an Ace fell AGAIN and is checking since they're OOP. Usually I'd only go for a check-raise here if it's a 4-way+ pot, but it's reasonable enough 3-way that I think calling it a mistake is a bit much. That said, you do not want to give a free card here, so if you didn't think there was a high probability of a bet then it is a mistake like he said. I like everything else Guido says here too.

      As for your comment that "the hands I had these 2 on were dead on from the flop" is a very dangerous way to think. In general whenever you're thinking "I put him on XX" stop and remind yourself to think about ranges, not pinpointing hands.

      And yeah, you're ahead of almost everything and don't mind calls, but you shouldn't be giving them a good price. Once the first player calls a small bet, the second player is usually getting odds to hit whatever they're going for, so they're not making a mistake by calling even if they know you have a set. In fact, they have better implied odds that way, though it didn't play out that way here.
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      Also, FWIW, you didn't get coolered, you got sucked out on. And also, even if you played this differently, it's probably still happening at .05/.10

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        I think here you could've gone for a big, exploitative over-bet on the flop here.

        In a 3 bet pot like this, your opponents are only going to continue with a strong Ace, 2 pair (although unlikely with your TT blockers), strong flush draw, or set of deuces. Against all of these you are a huge favourite! If they have worse than this they're going to fold anyway.

        If you make a pot sized bet, or even a bit larger, your opponents at this level won't be getting away from those crushed hands. This isn't me being rude, I play the same stakes (and possibly would be getting exploited myself here).

        If you make it ~$3.25 on this flop you'll leave yourself ~$5.75 for an easy shove on the turn.