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  • Comparing quiz Points

    I have done all quizzes and I have 15574 Points out of 18470 possible points (See attachment)

    As I am a poker Coaching Premium member i have 15 quizzes More so it might be a little off

    But otherwise in the picture you can See how many Points were possible

    and it is just a simple percentage calculation to do I have 84,32% of possible 100%

    so how many Points / percentage do you guys have?
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    285 quizzes. (82.30%) PF 85% F 82% T 80% R 80% - slightly better if I were to remove the cash game quizzes.
    I've done about a 1/3 of the quizzes on mute so I can't be influenced.


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      404 done. (77.8%) PF 83% F 77.5% T 76.9% R 70.2% Never saw that there on the bottom. Very interesting, looks like my river play needs work. Now I am wondering if I call too much or are my bets wrong? Never mined that my whole game needs more work, I know that and am a work in progress. I have seen this in other places, I go to showdown too much and in my mind, I am usually getting it in on the turn with the best hand and the suckout happens on the river. Going to dig into this now. Thanks Guido!


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        15353 / 18110 (no premium) = 84.7%

        I just started going back through ones I didn't do well on to take them again now that I've studied a lot more so my initial score was a bit lower. I'm also missing a few.


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          Not sure why there are only four numbers on the bottom, since one is the total score. Anyway mine are 85%, 83.5%, 82.5% and 83% total.


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            So reeper has the lead congrats


            • reeeeeeper
              reeeeeeper commented
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              lol I cheated by retaking some though, you get the bracelet my man for being dedicated enough to go premium

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            Ah I never realised there were totals at the bottom.

            137 Quizzes:

            PF: 87.05%
            F: 82.30%
            T: 83.75%
            R: 80.60%

            Total: 83.66% - They are the 1st 137 quizzes though, so poker has probably moved on a bit and I wouldn't do as well on the most recent ones.

            I wish I could do the quizzes on my phone but I can't log in and never have been able to.


            • kkep
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              I log in thru the FTT app

            • LondonImp
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              Thanks kkep, I'll give that a try when I get home.

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            I saw the Points by accident , i was on my
            Phone and wanted to improve my play from the blinds and go through all the BB Points from the first quiz on and then I saw Points for the first Time


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              here are my current results for all streets from my desktop pc, on my smartphone they only showed total points


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                Did anyone else have all of their quizzes reset to not taken when the new site was released? Mine were and I was wondering if this was standard or if something when wrong with my account.

                Not a big deal as my game now is much better than it was when I first took many of them so I am looking forward to better scores as I go through them.