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Raise with or without Backdoor draw ?

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  • Raise with or without Backdoor draw ?

    Say you have Td9d in BB in mtt, you call 2.0x raise 60 BB effectively, 2 handed vs lojack opener

    Flop 2d 5h 6s

    lojack cbets 55% potsize

    would you prefer raising here Because you have bdfd, bdsd? Because of the Backdoor equity , you can barrel More turns? Or just flat call seeing if you hit a Diamond, a 7 or an 8 and then going for the Check raise or lead ?

    or would you prefer raising here if you happen to Hold instead Th9s? Because with no Backdoor flush equity (only bad Backdoor straight equity) you dont mind taking down the pot immediately or giving up when get raised or called but turn no 7 or 8?

    It is not about the exact Hand More about the General concept

    raising better without Backdoor equity or with Backdoor equity?


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    I fold, we are not getting nearly the correct pot odds to continue and I'm not inclined to bluff in this spot.
    We got a cheap flop and missed badly, let them have it and move on.


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      I mean in General, the Spot was random, it is about the General concept


      • kkep
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        Well doesn't something have to matter for us to choose a line? vs that bet size I don't see how we continue with any BD draws, regardless of our hand combo.

        Maybe I'm just really confused...

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      Ok say villian bets 30% potsize and you need to check raise with 1 of 2 Starting hole cards
      and to Check call with the other Starting Hand

      Starting Hand 1 is Td9d
      Starting Hand 2 is Th9c

      and the Board is instead

      7d 6h 2s

      which would you use As Check raise and which As Check call if you had to decide this exact question


      • kkep
        kkep commented
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        I suppose I would c/r with Td9d because if the BDFD comes in they will have a hard time putting us on that which should make it easier to pile chips in.