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Interesting Hand against A Splashy 50 year old

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  • Guido
    better dont post the result in the future as it can influence answers in a wrong results oriented way

    he seems to have most likely top pair bad kicker (T9, 98, J9) and second likely 44-88 , thirs likely gutshot sd with bdfd

    with overcards, sets etc he doesnt fold

    your move worked out but personally I dont like jamming here as you allow him to play perfectly

    ok you have a wheel gutshort draw and bdfd and an ace might be good but he showed a lot of strength on a dry board and most villians dont plan to fold in those situations

    ok a shove is not a small bet and in a small stakes cash game you might get to fold out more than your fair share of villians with this move but from a game theory perspective it is a bad bluff


    a) you block the hands you want to fold (Ace high)

    b) with A5 on such a dry low card board you have enough showdown value which you shouldnt turn into a bluff often

    c) he has not a lot of bluffs in his flop raising range on this dry low card board

    side note : if you call and hit your wheel you have a very disguised monster hand

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  • BruceO

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  • jamtay317
    started a topic Interesting Hand against A Splashy 50 year old

    Interesting Hand against A Splashy 50 year old

    I was playing live at a local casino last night. I had been playing for about an hour and playing against the same table for that hour. I had a very tight image as I was card dead for almost that entire hour. Anyways, a player left and I took his seat in the 9 Spot. I had actually played 1 hand before this that I had to fold on the flop.

    Hand Ah5h Stack 220 Position LJ
    There is a BTN straddle for 5 the SB and BB call folds to me in the LJ and I raise to 20. The BTN calls:

    FLOP: 9c3h2s
    I make a pretty standard continuation bet 25, and then the BTN 3Bets to 75. I started thinking about his range and I really didn't see how this could connect with his range very much, there could be some A2s and some A3s, there are some T9-A9(which I would expect to call) now it is possible that he has TT here, and 99, 22, 33 a small part of the time. I can add some bluff in his range something 45s, 56s, A4s, A5s, we can also add 44-88 wanting to get a 9 or a draw to fold. I don't really think that he has 2 overcards here as I would think that he would just call with these.

    What do you do in a scenario like this? what is your folding range? What is your shoving range?

    JUST FYI: I Shoved, he tanked for probably 5 minutes where someone else at the table called time on him, and he folded
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