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Screwing Up A Basic Spot

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  • Screwing Up A Basic Spot

    I feel like this spot is pretty simple, but I also feel like I screwed it up and that's obviously a problem. Let's see if you guys agree.

    H QQ P SB S 70k Blinds 1000/2000/2000

    Live $100 nightly. 84 entries, 16 left, 9 pay. Average stack is 63k. Just moved tables and have no reads on villain here. He's a middle-aged European.

    Folds to me, I open to 5k. Villains calls in BB.

    Flop (12,000) KdQdJs With the board so coordinated I continue for 8k. BB thinks and makes it 24k. Jam because of many bad cards can come or call to keep villain's bluffs and overvalues in?

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    Jam. Since this is such a coordinated board his raise is either a huge combo draw or a strong hand, he's not likely to raise here with just one of the draws since he wouldn't expect to have much fold equity. You beat most of the strong hands, only behind AT and T9 (KK 3-bets pre).

    Also calling here looks as strong or stronger than jamming, so he won't likely be bluffing later streets giving this and what was said above. He'll only keep putting money in with strong hands, most of which you beat now but may not be anymore on the turn.

    Jamming can't be wrong, so it's a simple decision that keeps you from possibly making bad decisions later.

    Future cards can either hurt you or kill action.

    You can get called by many worse hands. You also fold out many hands with a decent amount of equity. So jamming seems win-win here.


    • Guido
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      With basically no fold equity I dont jam here , also I want to keep his bluffs in , i used to overplay those Hands a lot (More when turn or river was scary, when he Flops straight so be it)

      Jamming only has merit whatsoever if you have fold equity

      I guess villian covers hero, almost nobody folds here on such a wet board after raising flop to my experience

    • reeeeeeper
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      Man I totally disagree. Jam has value when you can get paid by worse hands that might fold later if a scare card comes also.

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    Just call and See what Develops, when you get full House fine, when 2 blanks come call down , when comes Diamond, Ace, ten and perhaps 9 tend to fold
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      I just call too....there are a shit ton of draws some players will do this with and then pump the breaks when the turn is a blank.

      If the turn is an A or T we can get away from our hand if they ship it. I'm not one that normally folds just because we are 3 to
      flush but the way this hand was played I would probably fold if a diamond hits the turn too

      If they ship it on a blank I probably call. I won't like it but if they are on some sort of draw their odds of getting there have just been cut in half.

      BTW if they did flop a straight we are still something like 30% and we need like exactly that to just call.


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        • kkep
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          Changing bet sizes is a tell. I know that this was only one of a few hands but over time its easy to pick up on bet sizing tells.
          In fact I find these to be the easiest of all live tells to read in all of there variations.

          The expectations are early and late in tournaments. Early in tournaments most are opening 3x+ Mid to late stages most are opening
          2.1x - 2.5x HU I go with a 100% limp from the Bu which is also the SB.

          There is one other exception that's purely exploitative. That's when I know I'm going HU against a calling station. A guy that wants to play every hand. I generally charge them more bc I can count on them to call with almost any 2. They don't care what we might have.

          So while it's fine to adjust opening bet sizes for certain stages in a tournament it's not a good idea based on hand strength.
          Otherwise you will be easy to play against. Even when facing novices like myself.

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        • kkep
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          1/2 of a BB isn't a big deal either way. How much are you opening for from the SB with 99? I bet it's more

        • BruceO
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        There are More unscary cards than scary cards to come , thats why I am Not that scared not getting enough Action later

        i prefer with almost no fold equity call down and evaluate , at least I have the Choice to otherwise not

        really i stopped jamming with no fold equity a long Time ago and I am doing well with it


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          I'm jamming because there is a very low likelihood I fold even if a scare card comes. I'm calling down no matter what, might as well get it in now.