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    Hand 1,

    HJ minraising 25BB. I flat KQo in CO with 16BB.

    Button & SB were 2 monster stacks. BB had 21BB.

    Button flats.

    Flop comes : Q 6 5 ( rainbow )

    CO checks, I bet 875 into 2650. Button flats.

    Turn: 2 ( putting out a flush draw )

    I ship 3312 into 4400.

    Button folds.


    I pretty much bet flop with intention to ship turn ... but maybe some one would be tricky enough to bet 1500 into 4400 on the turn ??

    Maybe button calls 3312 on that turn , or maybe he calls 1500 and fold to river bet ...

    Hand 2, ( SHORTLY after )

    UTG minraising 37BB, UTG+1 flats with 19BB ...

    Action folded to me in HJ ... I flat JTo with 26BB. Button flats behind.

    Flop comes : T 8 3 ( flush draw )

    UTG & UTG +1 both check, I jam 7062 into pot of 3250.

    Button rejam 82BB .... with 97o for isolation and made a straight.


    My first thought after losing the hand was ... if I should have 3bet pre to ensure the monster stacks behind don't enter with junk ...

    I would 3bet with intention to fold to fold of course , not for value OR JUST SAVE MYSELF SOME TROUBLE BY FOLDING THIS PRE
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