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ICMIzer 2 doesnt want me to raise-fold A6s Final table 19 BB as 2nd chipleader

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  • ICMIzer 2 doesnt want me to raise-fold A6s Final table 19 BB as 2nd chipleader

    same final table as the 2 posted hands before

    here I raise folded A6s and I was sure it was a good move but ICMMizer doesnt seem to like it , it has only analyzed with which hands you can +EV open minraise here ,

    when I understand the chart correctly ICMMizer says you can minraise profitably with 66+ , AJo+, ATs+ but when villian pushes you can only call JJ+, AKs

    (you should even fold AKo !!)

    I have not yet anaylzed with which hands you can +EV push here with 19 BB (only the hands you can +EV minraise with)

    I would have thought the suited aces are all in the minraise +EV range and a lot of them in the minraise-fold range

    but I was wrong A9s- A2s are folds

    I guess because they cannot stand an allin (too often dominated by better aces)

    next time I would be more careful with A9s- A2s in those spots

    final 5 players

    with A6s 19 BB I did not want to push

    PokerStars Tournament $9.80+$1.20 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level XLVII (70000/140000) - 2019/06/26 23:35:27 CET [2019/06/26 17:35:27 ET]

    Seat 3: UTG chipleader (5399802 in chips) 39 BB

    Seat 5: Hero Cutoff (2590673 in chips) 19 BB

    Seat 6: Button villian (2339345 in chips) 17 BB

    Seat 7: SB Villian (1964592 in chips) 14 BB

    Seat 9: BB Villian (1795588 in chips) 13 BB

    ante 17500
    small blind 70000
    big blind 140000

    *** HOLE CARDS ***

    Dealt to Hero Cutoff [6d Ad]

    Hero Cutoff: raises 140000 to 280000

    Button Villian: raises 2041845 to 2321845 and is all-in

    Hero Cutoff folds


    1st 3500 $
    2nd 2000 $
    3rd 1550 §
    4th 1100 §
    5th 780 §