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Protecting his calling range or extracting minimum value?

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  • Protecting his calling range or extracting minimum value?


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    default playing his range play by torelli

    why should he raise oop KK3 rainbow ?

    he can only win a big pot if villian happens tp have a k (blocked) or a set of 3 (unlikely)

    on turn torelli could hope villian fires a second time , so checking is the play

    on river he wanted to keep villians range wide and it is also the default play to check hoping villian bluffs the river

    he was unlucky vilian obviously had nothing

    torelli started as the preflop defender and playedhis whole range fine


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      Editing a comment
      You don't think a mini-stab is the play on the river?

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    I dont think so , this is often a classic fun player mistake

    I dont say I am checking here evry time

    but from game theory as far as I know they prefer keeping opponents range wide oop on such a dry board


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      I stab the river.


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        Maybe he was trying to check jam the river while hiding his big chips?


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          Interesting one, he's just blocks everything of value.

          Opponent is possibly trying to get A high to showdown or giving up with undercards. Whilst I don't see villain bluffing here very often it still seems more likely then calling a bet.

          Maybe check-raise was the right approach. Or perhaps a weird looking 1/5 pot bet to try and induce a bluff raise would have been better?


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