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Do you bluff very lag who usually bet all streets ?

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  • Do you bluff very lag who usually bet all streets ?

    I Call them down for value frequently

    often times I have heard you Need to bluff them with air or As semi bluff

    The Logic is he must think if I raise this laggy postflop it must be for value

    but to be honest I am never Doing this

    you ?

    how are your experiences ?

    As I said i just call them down for value

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    Not very sure what you are driving at. Why not bluff a lag. Lag can be the best candidate to bluff. First lag range is wide and they them self is bluffing too much, /betting too much. Along of his hand can't withstand raise. And some of our bluff catcher hand is vulnerable to get out drawn such as under pair so if we can raise and take it down why not. If we can use a 9 high hand and bluff away Ace high hand why not? Of course hand like tp hand we can keep calling down for value. And not easily get out drawn


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      i need to put it in my repertoire

      I mean I do raise when I turn a very strong draw for instance but vs all player types basically


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        It depends on the aggression levels I think.

        If they are hyper-aggressive and re-raise back over the top of you then that is just inducing needless variance. In this case I would call down fairly wide but only really be raising for value.

        If not it depends a lot more on your image. If they've been running over the table a bit and you've been playing a snug game then opening up and playing back at them sounds good - you want to make sure you are going to action with your premium hands too.

        [EDIT: I suppose I should have asked you to be a bit more specific with what you mean by 'very LAG' - which part of their game qualifies as being higher than a usual LAG? Are they looser than normal but average aggression? Or vice versa? Or just crazy?]


        • Guido
          Guido commented
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          I mean for instance those guys who raise preflop 35% of hands, cbet flop 100%, cbet turn 90-100%%, cbet river 80%, those guys who seem to think if nobody raises they may not be strong enough to withstand a lot of pressure on all streets , those guys who make money in the low stakes but would get crushed on higher stakes as they obv overbluff

        • LondonImp
          LondonImp commented
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          Against these sort of players I would actually be inclined not too bluff them very often at all.

          If they are c-betting with such a high frequency then they become very easy to play against. You should be more than happy to let them keep doing this and throwing all their chips at you. If you start playing back you may cause them to adjust and tighten up - in essence you would be helping them to plug a big leak in their game.

          By taking this approach you would win less chips for sure with your weakest holdings, but stand to profit more from your medium holdings.

          As with everything in poker it's all an intricate balancing act.

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          If you play his game, he will beat you.

          The better question would be : where does his strength lie ?