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Hand Review with JL, His latest quiz

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  • Hand Review with JL, His latest quiz

    This is a new JL quiz.

    I don't agree with his river decision.

    My thoughts are, is anyone ever bluffing off almost their entire stack on the money bubble?

    It sucks to muck on the river but how often is the general population really bluffing there?

    We also appear to be pot committed so the V should be expecting a call a high percentage of the time, right?

    Yes JL knows this particular V so he made his decision accordingly. But the V knows JL too so he knows JL is probably going to play GTO and call because he is getting such great odds.

    Either way tho by quiz standards shouldn't all of our decision be made as if the V's are unknown's?

    vs an unknown would JL still play GTO or make an exploitative fold?

    I hated it but mucked the river for 3 points (53 total)

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    I just took this quiz before seeing this post and got 59/60 so I can probably address this...

    Either way tho by quiz standards shouldn't all of our decision be made as if the V's are unknown's?
    No, absolutely not. He said a couple times on previous streets that Kassela is LAG and even labeled him as such in the hand replayer. Poker is about paying attention to small details and these quizzes should be too. Many often have small details that you need to catch about stack sizes, players behind you, etc. If it was just rote what's the point? I think they provide a lot of value in helping you realize what you need to pay attention to at the table.

    As to the river call, it's a crying one. He explained his reasoning, 8BB vs 40BB. He also mentioned that you shouldn't be making a habit of basing your decisions solely on whether you'll be left with a small stack but here he felt the math justified the play. And it's not necessarily that he thought Kassela was making a pure bluff, he might have been going for that bit of extra value with hands we beat: JT, J8, T8, AQ. In any case, JL plays for first, and it's evident here. It's a gross spot for sure, often crying calls are wrong, but the times they're not he has a very good shot of making top 3. If he folds, he has a pretty good shot at going out in the same place he did by busting here anyway.


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        He only has to right about 15% of the time or so. I just hate be wrong so much!
        I can't do it lol

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      you know what I choosed to fold turn (potsize bet I cannot draw +EV to flush and gave him better than top pair here already) and got zero points : )