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Final Table 6 Handed AQ vs All-In

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  • Final Table 6 Handed AQ vs All-In

    You're sitting 3rd out of 6 with approximately 20 bb (fast structure online tourney) in a $100 buyin $25k tournament.

    Folds to button who goes all-in (big stack). sb folds. Hero in bb. Do you call or fold with AQ offsuit? Is this a spot you want to risk your tournament life?

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    I DEFAULT fold here unless bigstack is Open jamming 80%+ in the recent past

    icm is powerful, it is usually a disaster reaching place 6 here instead of 2-3 (normal payoutstructures)


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      how many chips the small blind got ? who were the shorter stacks on the table ?? shouldn't you take into account of pay jumps ??

      I would call. Opportunity knocks ...


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        If you have multiple short stacks ready to bust, it is disastrous to call off here, ICM-wise. In all likelihood, the BB is making a play, but you're in no position to risk finishing sixth with three stacks smaller than your own.


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          I admit that ICM is something I need to work on. I'm just used to putting it in when I have the best of it. In this spot, how big of an edge would you need to call? Is 55-45 enough? How bout 64-36?


          • killtown
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            In a cash game, nothing wrong with getting it in with a smaller advantage than 55-45, but here, we come to a completely different country. In my view, 55 per cent equity is not enough, even when Villain' s hand is face up. Those times you get broke, your equity goes to everyone, especially the short stacks, who just moved up a spot for free.

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          The chips you stand to win are never worth as much as those you lose when you're wrong.

          One question regarding the original post: while there are three shorter stacks, how many BBs were they?


          • perryl
            perryl commented
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            There was not anyone really short. I had about $430k and the two lowest stacks had low $300s. Chip leader had 1.1 million

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          Snap him off. Surely the chips you win are worth something towards going for the big money.


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            So I ended up calling and lost against K5 off. I am a 64% favorite in this spot but part of me is thinking that it's still not worth it to be calling for all my chips.


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              With none of the other stacks being incredibly short (based on the info given it looks like we have ~20 bigs and the shortest stack has maybe 14-15 bigs?) I'd call here.

              This is an aside but can anyone explain if I'm missing something with ICMizer. ICMizer says you can profitably call off here but as someone who hasn't used the app a ton, I don't see somewhere to put the payout info. Aren't the payouts a big part of ICM?


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                  RealJPB I am not entirely sure but on the picture I added you can see how to choose different submittals for payout structures on different sizes , there you can choose the most similar one

                  here I have a typical payout structure for 1500 player mtt

                  but I can imagine you can put it in also manually at least in the paid version