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Did I commit ICM Suicide

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  • Did I commit ICM Suicide

    Last night I was playing a tournament and I guess I should say that 7 players paid and there were 15 left. So we were getting close to the bubble I had 35BB in the SB. Looking pretty good right?

    The ACTION: Folds to button he makes it 2.5BB (I should note that I have played with him a lot I would say probably 10 different tournaments) with that said, he is very loose aggressive. I'm dealt 66 in the SB I call (not wanting to get 4Bet which I know BTN will do), the BB calls.

    The FLOP: Jd7c6s
    I check, the BB checks, BTN checks,

    The TURN:
    7d I lead out for 2.5, BB calls, BTN Raises 7.5BB, we call

    The River:
    I shove not wanting the BTN or BB to get off the hook and try to get full value hands like a strait or a 7.

    the BB calls the BTN folds

    I lose to 77

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    No you played it super Standard, this is just Bad luck, a cooler, dont be Results oriented


    • jamtay317
      jamtay317 commented
      Editing a comment
      Thank you, I wasn't upset that I lost, I just didn't know if I should do anything different in that spot.

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    You played fine and were also still pretty far from the bubble, so it wouldn't even be what I consider ICM suicide if you had screwed up. If 150 paid and you were 10 from the bubble then maybe, but still wouldn't be the case for this particular hand.


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      No problem with the way you played; some days you're the pigeon, others, you're the statue. Even laggy players wake up with hands now and again.


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        u played poorly, not that the outcome would be any different.

        That far from the bubble, 35BB is nothing Not icm suicide , but maybe u also suspect your river jam was over optimistic ?