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  • Contemplating Main Event 2019

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    I never played it but from everything I read you want to play super tight at least through the entire day 1.
    Jonathan Little has a WSOP prep series on here somewhere. I'm sure it covers the ME.

    Good luck in whatever you decide!


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        Expect to Not get itm 4/5 , with my bankroll I just could not afford it Not to Cash

        I dont Know about your Tournament skills but if you are not super confident in them I would advice to play all the wynn Classic

        so you can play More tourneys and you should keep variance down As good as you can , this Sounds like More Fun to me


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          I played the Main last year for first time... played Marathon too (100 min levels)... and this year went to Day 3 in the Big 50 (50 min) and Double Stack (60 min) and Day 2 in Seniors (60 min).

          So, first, the Main is NOT any more difficult in the early levels than the other Open events. It is not as soft as Seniors, but the novelty of the Main means that it's not anywhere close to as selective as other $10K events.

          Second, the 2 hour levels DOES change the nature of the game, to the same additional degree that 60 minute level changes the game vs 20-30 minute levels. Plus, you're starting with TONS of chips (300+ BB), and even if you get unlucky and lose 10k or 20k chips, you're still a DEEP Stack and have plenty of time. MANY of people playing are NOT used to that; and don't adjust for the combination of deep stacks AND long blind levels... PLUS the fatigue of long days of playing. So lots of people making lots of errors (most typically being overly aggressive). At my table last year, I had 3-4 young LAGs, a couple of Seniors and a couple of ladies... it wasn't any different in skill level from what you otherwise see.

          Day 1 is ALL about survival. The reason Phil Hellmouth doesn't show up until the start of the 3rd level, is because it REALLY doesn't matter to your chances if you don't play those first two levels... in fact, it doesn't matter to your chances if you don't increase your stack size at all on Day 1. Survive, survive, survive. (I didn't fully understand this last year and was one of those people who made silly, overly-aggressive, (3 street bluff) error, then compounded it and got unlucky.

          If you can afford it and not miss the money, I say go play it; it's worth the experience. I've put myself on a "play it every other year" type of schedule... Just know that making the money is a haul, but if you've run deep (Day 3) on other events, you can do it at the Main as well. I would say that your likely ROI for playing a half-dozen other events, if the formats are good, are probably at least as good or better than they are in the Main... but it's not because you'll be outplayed, it's because you may not play well.

          BTW, A couple of friends who played Day 2 describe it as being much more like "real tournament poker"... blinds are high enough that people have to actually start playing; the really tight TAGs can't continue to just wait for hands. But that too, is like other events.


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            Thanks all for the advice! In other words, let the cards and the spots come to you. Any ideas about whether to play Day 1B versus 1C? I won't be playing 1A as that is day I arrive.


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              Alexander Fitzgerald said once he loves to play the last day possible because then people are more desperated , it is their last bullet, if they are desperated they might make more mistakes but as everybody has only 1 bullet it doesnt really matter regarding this
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              That would make flight 1B ideal, as you would then be in 2A, giving a day off between each.

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            If I go out, I'd play 1C, meaning I'd have to be in 2B per the schedule.


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              astoriadoc Did you jump in the fray? Any updates to share?