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    I found this interesting. I was off by a wide margin and usually get these fairly close..

    We are in the SB and open raises with 5c9c

    The BB defends 22+,A2s+,K2s+,Q2s+,J2s+,T2s+,92s+,82s+,72s+,62s+,5 2s+,42s+,32s,A2o+,K2o+,Q2o+,J2o+,T2o+,93o+,84o+,74 o+,64o+,54o,43o

    The flop brings AdTd9h

    In real time (NO CHEATING) how much equity does the SB have vs the BB's assigned range?

    This becomes more interesting (to me anyway) when we look deeper at what cards are good/bad for us on the turn.
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    I am going to say 16%, then I am going to open equi-lab and find out.


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      Wow! I didn't expect that.

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      BB has almost everything (which misses most of the time) and we have a pair. I'm going with somewhere around 54%.

      You can kind of visualize it looking at his range on the chart. Just imagine the A, T, & 9 rows are colored red for way ahead, Broadway's yellow for broadway-draw+overs, and a spackling for the suited diamonds draws. That leaves a whole lot of combos in that range with very little equity.
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        It's 57% it may have rounded up to 58% but that quiz is long gone - I went with 43%

        Like Bob I figured it's hard to hit a flop so even 3rd pair has to worth at least 40%
        but it's also a draw heavy board so I only ticked that up slightly.