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  • HH

    I thought this was a fun hand today

    $230 Buy in 25000 starting stack 30 minute levels

    I sit down for the second hand of Level 1

    Blinds 100/100
    6 Handed

    H CO 9c9s raises to 400
    V B 3 bet to 1200 (a 60 something)
    SB calls
    H I Consider a 4-bet / fold to a 5 bet but decided to call

    F Jc8c7d

    SB checks
    H checks
    V bets 1600
    SB calls
    H calls

    T Qs

    SB checks
    H checks
    V bets 5500
    SB folds
    H ?

    At this point I am 99% certain the V has JJ+. He is that guy.
    He would have never put 5500 in that pot without a made hand.
    I also doubt he would bet AJ again nor would he peel 2 streets
    with AK.
    But I really felt like he had AA or KK. It's hard to explain but
    he kinda gruffed, shifted in his seat a bit when he picked up 2
    callers pre flop and again on the flop. So he liked his hand but
    was uneasy for sure.

    Is the best play to fold, call or jam 22200 into a 14000 pot?

    The V had just lost a 100 chips on the SB the 1st hand so I had him covered by that much.
    Last edited by kkep; 06-23-2019, 06:39 AM. Reason: The SB in fact mucked to the V's turn bet. Sorry guys

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    • kkep
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      That was a typo the SB mucked to the V's Turn bet sorry

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      S'ok, was a joke answer anyway. Raising here is FPS

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    With 99 do not even Consider 4 Betting here , use blocker Hands to 4 bet if you want to have a 4 Betting range. As played easy fold after this 5500 bet , ok you have the 9 blocker to the nuts but I dont try to rep the straight vs mediocre / bad players here and not vs 2 of them
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      I lean more towards 4betting pre with 99 ... than ... turn jam. Believe Ivy was in a heads up pot ... and he jammed on river.

      If you 4bet and got 5 bet, at least that guy helped you to define his own hand....


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          It sounds like this villain is 3-betting a pretty strong range.

          So 4-betting at these stack sizes w/ 99 is less than ideal. If you put villain on a tight range of the top 3% of hands, then 4-betting here w/ 99 is suicidal. You rarely/if ever are getting folds and are likely way behind. Don't overthink these spots playing against 60 year olds in small stakes tournaments. I like the peel.

          If we are that sure of villains snug 3-betting range, I like a fold to this c-bet.

          Although your hand may look good, in reality you have a marginal hand with a marginal gut shot draw with a flush draw on the board. You are also OOP I believe.

          On top of that you also have another player in the hand who is weighted towards draws as well, so you may be drawing pretty thin when you call. What are we hoping for when we call? One of the 3 non club T's in the deck? Those are the only cards that I can think of that would allow us to proceed with confidence.

          As played, this decision simply comes down to how often you think villain will fold his strong hand. Some guys never fold KK+ here. Other tight players may be able to get away from it. Generally speaking, in these smaller stake tournaments trying to run bluffs like this against these players over the long run is a -EV play. Remember, this guy is probably only concerned with his hand. He is not likely thinking about what you have. In his eyes, he has KK or AA and that could be the nuts as far as he is concerned.


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            So yeah I went for it. I can count the times on 1 hand I've done this over the past 2 years.

            I did consider the fact I really had no history with this V, That said I was certain he had an
            over pair and I decided to go for it. So my thoughts were go for it now or wait for the river?

            If the river is a blank he is certainly calling and even if it's not he probably calls bc his pot odds
            will be way better. So I rip it in and.......

            ...yup, after about 45-60 seconds he says I guess I'll re buy if I have to an calls with AA

            So I say nice hand and good luck as I always do. I walk away for about 5 minutes. I come
            back in to re enter and as I'm walking past that table I see 1 red chip in front of my seat.

            So I sat down and played it! One hand later I was at the window.

            I ended up busting 34th 23 got paid. The guy I doubled up on the second hand was nowhere to
            be seen once we got down to about 70 or so.

            I was grinding a sort stack for several levels. With 12BB and the two big stacks to my immediate
            left. UTG opens UTG1 calls folds to me in the BB with K7o I call. I know it's not optimal but I wanted
            to take a flop for a decent pot rather than try shoving a weak hand through the 2 big stacks once I
            got in position.

            Flop 78 IDK 3 or 4. I donk lead all in for my last 7.5 or 8BB. UTG mucks he had AJ UTG1
            who I know a bit was counting his chips. He had close to 100BB I said wth are you counting
            for just call you can afford it. So he does and flips over AQ, spiking the Q on the river.


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              interesting line ... Villain 3bet pre followed by flop & turn cbet... what made you think he might fold ?

              What else might you play this way with ? flat 3bet , chk call flop ...chk jam turn ( T9 ? 77 ? QJ ? )

              never underestimate the stupidity of people some aren't trying to win ... they're trying to "not get pushed around " ...

              I guess the fact he thought about it proved that you were close...
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                It was a nice attempt, and one that may well have worked in a freezeout with no rebuys.


                • CrazyEddie
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                  very astute of u !

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                I felt like there were a lot of better hands I could have there so I decided to put him to the test.

                He had to call off 169BB. It didn't work.

                I was getting the right price to call flop, if I'm correct I needed 43% and 99 had 54%.
                vs the range I gave him which was JJ+,AJs+,AQo+

                When he bets turn I narrowed his range down to JJ+,AQs AQo leaving me all but dead.
                But in my mind he had KK+ either way right....

                So to answer your question, I would do that with any 2 cards that had enough equity to
                call flop but were dead on the turn? Interesting question so lets see if I was balanced enough.

                Pre Flop

                Flop I would check raise AA KK from 1600 to about 7700 for value/protection 3 handed.
                I had to call a bit loose with some draw to try and stay balanced.

                V's range JJ+,AQs,AQo

                When we go all in and get called.
                (keep in mind we will win the pot right here a fair portion of the time and I found no sound reason for the V to call other than a Hero call)

                Betting roughly 1.6x pot we need about 5-3 value to bluff

                29 value hands, when we win the entire pot vs JJ+,AQs,AQo (82%) 1257962 (vs KK+ 90%) 1380690

                17 bluffs when we lose (25000) (83%) 352750 (vs KK+ 82%) 348500

                V needs to call 16700 to win 52900 his equity vs my entire bluff to value range is 49%
                Which means on average he his losing 11BB when he calls.

                Board: 7dJc8cQs
                Equity Win Tie
                CO 51.12% 51.12% 0.00% { QQ-77, QJs, Q8s, 87s, AcKc, AcJc, AcTc, KcTc, Ac9c, Kc9c, Qc9c, 9c7c, QJo }
                BU 48.88% 48.88% 0.00% { JJ+, AQs, AQo }

                The next question is...did I do these calculations correctly?

                What I learn the most is I need to over bet more often with nutted hands.

                I'm never really calling those draws vs this V.

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