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  • Pokersnowie

    Anyone try this? Thoughts on it?

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    It's OK. I tried it once and never went back to it.
    I like the instruction and tools I get here better. I also have Flopzilla, Equilab and
    Pio that I have been trying to work with. So yea that takes up more free time than
    I have and I have a lot!

    Jonathan Little has what I believe is a similar app QuizBot. However I can't get it
    to load. Support hasn't been able to help me either.


    • reeeeeeper
      reeeeeeper commented
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      PIO & Flopzilla are different tools, so no, one doesn't replace the other. Flopzilla, Equilab, etc aren't solvers, they're for calculating equities in specific situations. Solvers like PIO explore the GTO approach for the entire range of hands given various boards and predefined conditions. I think the guy who made Flopzilla also made a solver though, called GTO++ or something.
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    • kkep
      kkep commented
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      CrazyEddie No I haven't paid for it yet. I've been working with the free version for about two weeks.
      It all seemed so complicated at first so I wanted to make sure I could use it effectively before dropping
      $450. I've been investing a portion of my tournament cashes as the come into first paying for PCdotCom,
      Flopzilla, then Equilab and Pio is next. I really like what I see from it so far.
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    • CrazyEddie
      CrazyEddie commented
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      I know Nick Petranglo does a lot of PIO in his tournament masterclass. any takers ?

      By the way, anyone noticed the quality of posts on this forum has gone to the toilet ??

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    I like the Equity trainer on Equilab a lot too. I'm getting better at but I haven't got an average score inside of 2-3%.
    I've been consistently scoring in the 4.5 - 7% range. I us random hands to keep it harder...


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      dont try to learn As much As possible As fast As possible , Go ahead only if you Je really Grasped at least 90 % of the Content, learn one concept at a Time

      or if you want to play Tournaments watch some hh Review videos first Hand to last Hand


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        I've used it pretty extensively. When I had hand histories from Global Poker to upload to it, it was amazing at pinpointing mistakes from the hands it could read. The chrome extension i was using to download wasn't very good though, so many of my hands were unreadable to Snowie, even though PT4 was reading them ok. Later on, Global enforced the No HH Downloads policy, so it didn't matter anyway. Overall, I still like it enough to pay the pricey subscription. It tests your ability very well both pre and post flop, and once you get good at it, you learn to play your range rather than your cards


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          No, I never tried it and this is the first time I am even reading about this. I never read about it on And I am actually surprised by this.


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            JL has talked about it and applied it to some of his blog/hand reviews more than a few time.


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              I use it as a filter to find mistakes in my sessions. I don't always agree with what it suggests to do though since it knows nothing about my opponent and just assumes they are GTO.