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    I know there is a HW forum, but I can't post on there for some reason. I was just wondering why on the 3-15-19 problem- the one JL does a vid for- can someone pls explain why 5,4 and 5,3 of clubs are included in junk hands? @ 7:49.....I don't get it. They seem just as likely to make a hand as any other combo of 5,4 and 5,3.

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    There's a 9s8h6d on the board, so he's including the 5Xs gutshots that also have a backdoor flush draw in his Draws while tossing the ones suited Clubs into Junk since they don't have the extra equity from the BDFD. Constructing these ranges is about finding balance for each street with each given opponent type and action. Sometimes, you have to scrounge backdoors for Draws to bet in order to balance the Premium hands you're betting. You don't always have to pull in backdoors, but if your ranges are unbalanced then you do. Here, he decided to pull in those crappy gutters for Draws but drew the line at the one with no BDFD since they were already a stretch.