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    I'm trying to understand how these result in anything actionable at the table. It doesn't seem like it would. Or do you guys find the repetition of completing these actually does help you think through a hand at the table?

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    I did what Jonathan suggests and started with HW #1, after completing the HW, I watched JL's video with his answer and review. It helped me to start thinking about hands in ranges. The repetition helps to put the ranges into my memory. Matt Affleck said in 1 of his videos that you don't have to memorize the ranges, just have a good idea where on the hand matrix your opponent's range is and where your response is. In JL's answer to the HW, he is starting with the GTO answer as the base and giving his strategy based on position, reads and stack sizes. I believe it has helped me and think that if you stick with it and get them all done, you will see an improvement in your game.