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Nuts vs the Nut draw

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  • Nuts vs the Nut draw

    This is a hand that I played last night which I thought was very interesting, I would like some feedback on my thought processes.

    Blinds 1/2 effective stacks 250
    I am delt AdQs in the LJ there is one limper I make it 10 and CO calls with 3 other callers(including the original limper).

    The flop:

    checks to me I bet 11 (looking back on I think this is pretty bad, I would normally make it about 30) I don't have a good reason why I did this. I think it was just a bad play on my part.

    Anyways the CO (who cannot fold a pair and will only bet the nuts) raises to 22, it folds to me, I call (my thought here is that he has QT and if I get there I am getting his stack)

    Turn 8d
    I check, he bets 40. I call (with the intent of folding the river unless a T or a diamond comes) this is where I have a question:

    still knowing that he has the nuts, and if I get there I am getting the remaining 180 in his stack should I make the call with 25% equity? I think that I am correct with my math here saying with implied odds I need 11% equity to call.

    The river comes and it's an As we check he wins with QhTd

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    Stop putting villian on a Single Hand, put him on a range , you might be right seldomly most often you cannot guess his exact Hand properly


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        Thank you, I will start trying to look at ranges and not just a single had