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Request Feedback on this hand and need some advice

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  • Request Feedback on this hand and need some advice

    Hi Everyone,

    Here is my bustout hand from 2019 WSOP Super Seniors.

    Third level. I have accumulated better than 2 starting stacks (220 BB) and have two other big stacks at table.

    Open AJ diamonds from HJ and get raised from SB (has me covered), I call in position. Flop is A with two diamonds. I C bet and get called.

    Turn is the miracle Q diamonds ( giving me nuts and guy who beat me a set of Q).

    He checks, I bet, he raises and I jam. You know board pairs on river.

    I have two questions.

    1) Playing this deep should I have checked behind. A lot of good things could have happened with a brick river and I would have been in check call mode if board paired.
    2) What do I need to do to make myself think and analyze more ?. When he lead turn all I could think was "440 BB pot early in bracelet event" and jammed without thinking about straight flushes on board, etc. I consistently do this, ie, act too quickly even though I review my notes before the tournament.

    Any advice is appreciated


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    I think the best thing you could do is to stop being so results oriented. You got your stack in with the nuts and he hit a 10 outer redraw. You were a 4:1 favorite, and that's against the worst possible hand he could have in his range for you. That's more than fine to risk your stack with. Also, you shouldn't just call there because if another diamond falls on the river it kills your action against lower flushes. And sets. You played fine IMO, the deck just didn't go your way.

    JredA has some good advice regarding your second question.


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      The only thing that has helped me in regards to my thought process in game is practice, and I'm definitely still a work in progress.

      Definitely agree with reeeeeeper that any discussion about playing differently is results oriented. You got it in as a huge favorite. You have the nuts and are super deep, checking turn potentially prevents you from getting all the money in by the river and would be a bad play. There might be some minor things we could do differently this hand, but don't try to talk yourself into a bad play just because it might've worked out better for you this time.


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        I am disagreeing , with the concept of pot control which became popular say in 2008 it is not necessary anymore to gro broke here

        the chips you lose do hurt more than the chips you win in a tournament

        there is no need to push the action and risking 220 BB with the NF

        if he put you allin on turn ok you have to call

        but here you were pushing the action

        think about it why would you risk your whole 220 BB in one hand when villian can get a full or straight flush on the further street ?

        when chips are say 75 BB effectively you go broke here OK , thats fine but how often do you have 220 BB effectively deep in a tournament ?

        on turn he checks , you bet, he raises, you CALL this deep (or potentially raise normal) and evaluate river , if river pairs the board you can get away

        so you would have saved a lot of chips

        dont go allin on turn because you dont know what else to do and because you are excited
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        Thank you all. I need to study more


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          I have posted quite a bit in regards to analyzing spots and in game thought process or the common problem of "freezing up" or "going blank" and acting fast.

          Here is the most recent one:

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            Thanks, my real reason for tagging you was because I couldn't find that post and wanted to read it again. {:

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            No problem