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How to not lose your a** from tournament poker

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  • How to not lose your a** from tournament poker

    If I recall , fedor holz once said .... in any given year, he wins about 80 % of the money in the space of 10 days.

    That implies the enormous amount of days you spend losing ...

    I have never won more than 1 tournament a day. How can I go about fixing that ? How many tournaments are optimal ? Playing all day sounds like the opposite of freedom.
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    Watch this a couple times a month.

    I am finding that the biggest thing to learn, is to learn to lose. Nobody signs up, sits down, starts playing and expects to lose. I don't think you can fix winning more than 1 a day. The # of tournaments optimal is up to you, how many you want to play is the optimal number. Set your schedule, making sure to take days off.

    I have taken Elliot Roe's A game advantage program. In it he taught us that most poker players think of each hand, tournament, session as 1 season. He used American football as an example. Each hand you play in poker, is like 1 play in a football game. Each possession in a football game is like 1 tournament. A cash is like a field goal or a touchdown. The more possessions a team has in a football game, the better chance they have to win. Same goes for poker, the more you play, the better chance you have to win. 1 season of football is 16 games and the playoffs. That season has multiple possessions and multiple plays. Actually 1 season of football could add up to a whole poker career.

    Before I start rambling, the most important thing is no matter what, play each hand as an individual event. Treat each hand as a new puzzle, use the information you have through training, reads, knowledge of your opponents, and your history to put the puzzle together and play each hand the best you can.

    Here is the hard part, stop thinking about the last hand, stop thinking about winning the tournament, stop thinking about the next hand. Put all of your focus on the hand that you have, put together the puzzle the best you can, if you do this better then everyone at your table, the results will take care of themselves.


    • CrazyEddie
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      " the more you play, the better chance you have to win "

      While that is true, what do I have, unlimited bankroll ? But thanks for the dose of optimism.

      I want to move up stakes as well ... easier to make $ from $82 than $11.

    • reeeeeeper
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      That's a good video, thanks for sharing.

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    A strong player will only cash about 8-12% of the tournaments they play. In general, the ones that cash less are the ones that final table more. I think you just have to get used to walking away empty handed and focus on playing your best game without caring about what happens with the cards.


    • BruceO
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      Yes, I saw a good analysis a while ago that made it clear that you cannot be a winning tournament player if you’re not making final tables... which is a space where Pro mindset is definitely different...

      Amateur is often playing for entertainment and is happy to say “they cashed”, and while stats are often about “% of cashes”, the only metric for whether a guy is profitable is %/# of final tables

    • Guido
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      JL said once if I remember correctly a good player cashes about 14-17% of Time

    • reeeeeeper
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      Yeah, I never followed up on this, but I realized it depends on what percentage of the field is ITM. These days many tournaments pay out to 15% of the field (yuck) so 12-18% would make sense. Back when I used to play online a lot 10% of the field was more standard, so 8-12% was the norm.

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    So reeper you had a longer break ,are you Happy with your Progression and Results so far ?