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  • Zero Equity Bluff

    Another hand from Big 50 Day 1. In the studying prior to the trip I'd gone through JL's Montreal Master Class and he has a spot in there where he talks about how the BB can abuse the in position player on paired boards. He specifically discusses min-raising flop and sizing up on the turn. I may have misapplied the concept, so here's another hand for review:

    H Q2cc P BB S 78k B 600/1200/1200
    Bu opens to 2700 I flat

    Flop (7200) T66 no club. He cbets 2700. I raise to 5500. He calls.

    Turn (18,200) 3d bringing back door diamonds, I bet 11k and he folds.

    I think the general concept applies here because this specific player appeared to be on the tighter side. I should have a lot more sixes in my range than he does. Against an loose button this would probably be a bad spot for this move as we have a similar amount of sixes.

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    It's a great concept... what do you think you did incorrectly?

    Main questions is, how to proceed if he should he decide to call your turn bet...?


    • RealJPB
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      Agreed. Off the top of my head you’d have to bomb river on over cards and diamonds, give up on everything else. But I’m open to suggestions.

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    Yeah this is an old reg Trick, you have the nut advantage

    if you set up an overbet on river how will even AA feel ?

    I would Not do it vs good players As this is a Classic

    But it is only A semi Classic here I think Because to my mind it Works better when the 3rd Flop card is lower than a T

    better 225 or 447 or 337

    this play Works best vs scary players who think damn they always have my good hand Cracked


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      Cool concept. Not crazy about using a zero equity bluff on the flop however. You will have so many great hands in your BB vs BTN range here to X/R this flop that actually have equity and that block BTN from having a 6 (87s, 85s, 54s, . . .etc.).


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        Nice move! I would probably size a little larger with both bet sizes (first to not be so obvious as far as this hand fits into your range here, second to polarize a bit more), but I really like it against a tight player. Your stack has enough utility to incorporate moves like this.


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          I like the line and the thinking. It's a play I make, but as said before I tend to use hands with little showdown but good equity to improve / hands that block opponents range from having 6x.

          And don't forget to play this line when you actually do have it!


          • reeeeeeper
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            That's a good point, Q7s & Q5s are better candidates due to the 6X blockers.