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Big50 Bluffing With Some Showdown Value

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  • Big50 Bluffing With Some Showdown Value

    These are the kind of pots I never bluffed in the past so I'm curious what the group thinks of this spot.

    H A8dd P BB S 88k B 500/1000/1000
    MP opens to 2500, I call

    Flop (6500) K96hhd he bets 2200 I call
    Turn (10,900) 4d cc
    River (10,900) 4h I bet 5k and he folds

    I'm primarily targeting bigger aces and underpairs when I bet here. What do you think of the decision to bluff and sizing?

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    I think Not a good idea ,you have Too much Showdown value, when you get called you are always beat, you should not turn your marginal Made Hand into a bluff

    with other parts of your range (bottom or blockers ) it is better to bluff , here you have no straight blockers die instance

    what would be the bottom of your range ? Answer it yourself and Post it and ask for Feedback

    you are unblocking villians missed flush draws h h that would fold to river bets ---》not good

    I would just Check it down

    if I wanted to target better aces and underpairs I would bet smaller 3750


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      I think sometimes it's good to bluff even when you have showdown value if in the particular spot you don't think you will win at showdown. I think this is a decent spot for that if:

      - you think he would keep barreling draws (and not check for free card)
      - you think he would keep betting for protection with strong hands
      - you think he'd check back the turn with marginal hands

      Repping the flush, 4X, or KX weak kicker or A9 going for thin is fine here. I think your bet size is fine if you think that will get him to fold 77 or 88. If not, I think you need to bet more polarized here if he's not the heroing type.

      I think you can and usually should check it down for showdown value, but that doesn't mean you always should be so rigid. I've seen top pros turn better hands than this into a bluff before (QQ, 99, etc), and they were correct to in the spots I'm thinking of IMO.

      Curious, were you going to check-raise the turn if he bet?
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      • RealJPB
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        I think I actually prefer calling the turn (depending on his sizing) to check raising, as any value hand he’s double barreling probably isn’t folding there and we beat some of his bluffs. If we do c/r we have to be willing to apply more pressure on the river. What do you think?

      • reeeeeeper
        reeeeeeper commented
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        v.LAG probably checkraise, even if we're ahead if we get his 6-outers to fold and lose their equity that's a win IMO. You don't *have* to apply more pressure on the river, you can make your decision based on your live read of how he called your check-raise (if he does) and what river card falls. v.TAG I probably don't check-raise, they don't generally barrel light there IMO.

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      Bluff seems reasonable. I think we get AQ-AT to fold along with some small underpairs which is a sizeable number of combos that beat us and that might take this line.

      Alternatively Ad8d is a decent candidate for flop X/R here. If called you can barrel on any T, 8, 7, 5, or diamond


      • RealJPB
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        Good point about flop c/r. Didn’t consider it in game but could be better than my line?

      • enchanter_tim
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        I like it a bit better, especially since you'll have a lot of value raises on this board.