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Big50 4B Spot Against a Short Stack

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  • Big50 4B Spot Against a Short Stack

    I've taken a few days away from poker since getting back from Vegas (mostly because I was just busy, still wanted to play the local nightly tournament the day after I got back) and am starting to go over my HHs to see if there's anything worth discussing. Here's one I think I screwed up:

    H AQo P SB S 90k B 300/600/600
    Utg1 (~40k) makes it 1200, CO (~14k) makes it 3600. I make it 7200.

    This is extremely exploitable but I expected UTG1 to react VERY straight-forwardly to a 4B. I decided to go small to minimize the losses when I ran into it and would be fine doing that with the top of my range too. I'm folding to a raise from UTG1 100% and calling CO 100%.

    But, should I be 4-betting at all here? In game I thought AQ was strong enough to get it in against a random player's 3betting range with 23bb, but looking it over that might be optimistic. No real reads on the CO. He's another random middle aged white guy. I haven't seen him show down much but I expect he's playing standard uncreative poker.

    We're ultimately going to put in 13.7 to win 30.4, so we need 45% to break even. Unless he's 3betting ATo+, we're not getting there.

    If he decides to just 3bet rip his 23bb I probably should call as I'd expect him to have a wider range than when he raises small, but when he goes small should I consider just folding pre? Calling and inviting UTG1 doesn't seem great. Maybe I'm overthinking it and the field is raising wide enough there to just get it in?

    What do you guys think?

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    When you 4-bet here you're not doing it for value, you're doing it as an isolation bluff since you hold some very key blockers. I think AQs would be fine to cold-call a 3-bet with, but AQo is either this play or fold. At first I thought the size was too small but then I looked at the 3-bettor's stack and really like this size. The opener has to worry about you re-jamming if he calls and the short stack shoves. If you had 4-bet larger you wouldn't be able to threaten the rejam since you'd be forced to just call the short stack's less than full raise size on his jam. If the UTG player does anything though you have to proceed very carefully.

    TL;DR I really like the play to isolate the short stack as long as you don't pay off the larger one.


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      Unfortunately, I think I’d have just folded... (raise and reraise by two strong positions) but definitely like your play better...for reasons already stated. Calling i don’t like... makes it too easy for UTG to 4bet isolate

      Since CO started with 24BB, it’s definitely possible that his range is still reasonably wide ... this isnt a 15bb stack making a trapping raise... he may be thinking that he can still fold and have 18bb


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        Without nitty as it sounds I fold pre.

        Your facing an EP raise and a 3-bet on a somewhat short stack (sub 30bb). A large percentage of small stakes players are not 3 bet bluffing under 30bb.

        You have a large stack in a soft field tournament, there is no need to to take spots like this when more often than not, at best your flipping. It sucks to fold, but sometimes you are just behind with a strong hand.


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          I would never ever 2.0x cold 4 Betting with AQo , you are giving both amazingly good odds for no good reason and remember you only have a AQo, if I want to play exploitative I would only play this way with AA and KK

          if the CO were the only villian left you could in theory if he is a loose 3 bettor 4 bet shove allin pre but not vs EP player still in the Hand Starting with roughly 40k

          I remember I posted a similar online Hand here vs those Two openers in front of me and the Result was you can push with AKo+ but not with with AQs or AQo

          UTG+1 just should have a really strong range here...and risking Tournament Life pre is vs an unknown a Bit Too optimistically

          if you were button I would cold call

          As SB I would just let it Go here vs 2 unknown

          with AK , QQ+ I am shoving

          folding everything else


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            Fully agree with Guido. Nothing else to add.