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  • Marathon Time

    Two levels gone and I'm at 21k. Barely saw a flop the first hour. Already had one player get broke on the second level with AKo after he three-bet the cutoff after a hijack open, it was four-bet by opener and he jammed. Opener's QQ held.

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    I think they both forgot the concept of Marathon!


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      Made the dinner break.

      Had dwindled to 13k when the following hand brought new life:

      We were seven-handed, with blinds of100/300/300. The hijack raised 800, I made it 2400 to go from the cutoff and the button, who had been playing weak-tight, flatted, the opener joining the party.

      Flop came KK7 rainbow and was checked to the cold caller on the button, who stabbed for 2000, opener folded and I jammed. After very little reflexion, the call came: QQ. The trips held up and now I have 33000.

      Still can't believe Villain didn't four-bet shove before the flop. He's probably the only player on the table who would have done anything else.


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        Went down to 19000, then opened 99 from the hijack. The cutoff mucked and the button made it 3000, as he had the orbit before, when I folded 77. This player was loose-weak, so I jammed and ran into AA, which held up.


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          Ugh, sorry to hear you ran into it, sounds like you played well though!

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        On to the $1000 this morning. A few more hours' rest and a good breakfast will do.